Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas is here...at Starbucks!

The Starbucks X-mas collection has finally reached our shores and stores!
(Haha. Get it? Shores and stores. *insert crickets chirping* Right, moving on...)

Starbucks Amcorp. Thumbs up to Barista Jason for the decorations!
For a country that doesn't have winter, we're awfully excited about a coffee brand's X-Mas collection, aren't we... Anyway, Starbucks fans (like me) have much to look forward to as Starbucks have brought in two limited edition cards (can be purchased with a reload of RM30 minimum), a variety of red, white and silver tumblers and mugs, new desserts and three fan-favourites drinks.
The long-awaited Starbucks 2013 planner has also arrived but I didn't get to snap a picture of it. It did seem bigger and simpler though compared to last year.... I wonder what vouchers they have inside. Like previous years, you'll need to purchase 15 handcrafted drinks by 15 January in order to redeem your planner. Alternatively you can just buy it over the counter at RM138.
On to the Christmas collection!

Cupcakes for the season.
Instead of cakes (or maybe they have yet to bring it in), there were sweetly decorated cupcakes on display: Black Forest Cheese, Choc Cheese Minty, Carrot Coconut and Caramel Green Tea. Priced at RM5.50 each. I wanted to try the Caramel Green Tea but because I am still recovering from a 3-week long cold, I had to pass. For now.

Pretty red, white and silver collectibles.
My family and friends always complain that they don't know what to get me for my birthday or for Christmas. Here's a hint: a Starbucks tumbler would be nice. Despite being a diehard Starbucks fan, I never really got around to collecting its tumblers and mugs because I just know if I started, that would be the end of my bank account. But presents and gifts are welcome.

Fan favourites are back!
It's good to know Starbucks do listen to their fans and brought back last year's popular drinks: Toffee Nut Latte, Toffee Nut Frappucino and Peppermint Mocha Frappucino. (or maybe they're just too lazy to come up with new drinks this year but hey, why fix something that works)

Although I am going to miss its Salted Caramel Frap and Earl Grey Tea cheesecake (please bring them back next year along with the Valencia Frap!), I could do with a change in flavour this season. Once my cold is gone,  Peppermint Mocha will be the first frappucino I get!

And finally, the one thing(s) that will have people rushing to stores this week: the limited edition Starbucks cards. Like last year, there are two lovely designs but I quite like the red one more because it looks glamorous for a card. Again, these aren't mine because I brought them for my aunt from Singapore who collects them.

Tis the season to buy Starbucks X-mas edition cards!
I know it's early but thanks to Starbucks, you have two months worth of Christmas to enjoy!


synical said...

Thanks for the heads up - will check these things myself the next time I'm out :)

Tania said...

no prob! if you try the cupcake, do share on it :) have a great day ahead!

Joyce Rachel Lee said...

I'm sipping my Toffee Nut Latte now. ;)

Tania said...

perfect drink for a rainy day isn't it... :)

ZhengNorahs said...

I like the cupcakes and the Xmas card!

Tania said...

I havent tried the cupcakes yet. which one do you recommended for a first try?