Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Things I am Thankful For

I was going to post something else but then I got some really awesome news to round up my already awesome month. So I am going to share 10 things I am grateful for since November is also Thanksgiving Month.

So it goes:
1. My dad coming home from a 2 year job stint in Bangkok
Never thought I'd say this but I am sort of glad he's back. Even it means no more monthly shopping trips to Bangkok. It just means more food outings for me and the family in Malaysia! Yay!

2. Completing Sem 2 of my Masters
Writing features and lifestyle stories are a piece of cake compared to theoretical essays and assignments for Masters but I survived. As much as I miss having a steady income, having worked in a hectic industry has allowed me to appreciate student life so much more. Now with just one more semester to go next year, soon I'll be back in the working world.

3. Friends who share my love for dancing
Finding people who share the same passion for something isn't easy. That's why I am glad for all my friends and teachers at Sole to Soul Dance studio. In between all our classes and practises, I enjoy the camraderie, the laughter and fun times we have. We are like one big happy family of dancing lunatics!
One big happy crazy family
4. Travelling to Maldives
I owe this one to my former company, Blu Inc Media and to Lady Luck for giving me this opportunity. Maldives is sinking, no thanks to global warming and I am glad to be able to have visited it before it became the next Atlantis. My island resort, Huvafen Fushi was gorgeous and the people there were just wonderful! *UPDATED: Maldives series is up. Start here*

Here's preview of the post to come.
5. My Blog
I was initially hesitant to start blogging again but because I enjoy writing as much as I love dancing, I did. Taking up blogging once more has allowed me to write for an audience again and in doing so, made me focus on the positive and good things in my life like watching movies, eating good food, meeting new people and so on. Things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Never mind the fact that blogging has also opened up my sphere to a whole new experience of writing, free movie screenings and new friends.

6. Youtube Vbloggers
This is a funny thing to be grateful for but I am glad for people like Ryan Higa, KevJumba, Jenna Marbles and Wong Fu Productions for coming up with videos to entertain us, make us laugh or potentially change our perspectives in life (as corny as that sounds...). They are the ones who voice out the things you don't see or hear in mainstream media and sometimes the things closest to us. They do this to connect with their viewers much like how writers and bloggers reach out to their readers. Teehee!
Ryan Higa...or is it Regina Higa...
7. My pets
As much as I want to strangle them sometimes for the mess they make, I adore my cats and dogs. They give me the simplest joy everyday that keeps me from going on a murderous rampage at certain people's stupidity and ignorance. *ah, strokes the cat*

8. Bootcamp
Oh glorious sweat, mud, aching muscles. How I love thee... Thank you, Original Bootcamp for giving me an appreciation for having a perfectly healthy body. I am not your average sized Asian girl but having to work to get in shape has made me love my physical self for the way God has intended it to be.
Free mud body treatment!
9. My viewers
Fans, haters, fellow bloggers or just plain-I-got-nothing-to-do-but-read-blogs-all-day, I don't care. I am grateful to all of you! (for contributing to my stats). This blog is just only over a month old but so far, the number of pageviews has been beyond my expectations. I sort of only expected 4 views per post. From my parents, sister and my cat sleeping on the F5 button. Thank you all!

And if you think that this post is rather corny or is a way for me to blow my own trumpet, then feel free to hit Ctrl+W. I thank you nonetheless for dropping by (and contributing to my pageviews).

10. Getting a MPA Merit Award *This is the great news that inspired this post!*
Another thing I am grateful to my ex-company for. Without Blu Inc, I wouldn't have had my stories published at all. As a writer, all I want was to write stories and have people read them. But to actually receive a merit award from MPA is just mindblowing. I certainly did not expect this news at all because I have left the magazine line for months now. My former editor and boss deserves a special thanks in this for guiding and sharpening my writing skills. It's nice having my work recognised.
(MPA: Magazine Publishers Association)

Thanks to Zara for snapping the picture.
It goes without say (I am saying it anyway), I am thankful for my family and friends for putting up with my madness and to God for giving me this positive outlook in life. I believe we all have things to be thankful for. You just have to see it.

Now let's carve open that turkey! Or chicken, since Malaysia doesn't have turkey....

Happy Thanksgiving-or-not-because-December-is-Here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Life of Pi Movie Review

A big thanks to Nuffnang for the invites for the premiere screening of Life of Pi.
My mom has been looking forward to Life of Pi since she read the book and heard they were making a movie out of it. So naturally when Nuffnang announced the contest to win movie passes, I jammed on my creative thinking cap and answered their question with gusto! (I did this for you, mom -_-)

If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island, what would be the 3 things that you will take with you?
If I was shipwrecked on a deserted island, I would bring:
1. a lightsaber to use as a torchlight, to cut things and to kill animals for food. (yes, the force is strong with me)
2. First Aid kit to tend to myself and other survivors. (nothing else matters if we were dead right? Unless this was the world of the walking dead...)
3. a smartphone with Tony Stark technology and JARVIS to broadcast a SOS into satellite signals worldwide. (apparently I live in the Marvel-universe)

But as the movie goes, having a terribly overactive imagination isn't not bad thing.

Have you ever heard a story so unbelievable that you would much rather believe it more than anything else?

Life of Pi is one such a story of a boy shipwrecked and forced to survive on a boat with only a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker as his companion based on Yann Martel's novel. Director Ang Lee was the mastermind behind this visually stunning novel-turned-movie with clever and magical use of the 3D effect to enhance the experience all together.

Usually I am not one for 3D effects but this movie sold me on it once more, thanks to Ang Lee's ability to inject it into the places and scenes rather than the action part which were few. The depiction of the ocean world, above and underwater was just stunning. But the most memorable was this sinking ship scene as seen from Pi's point of view which is said to rival the epic Titanic scene for all its emotional glory.

Not the animals!
While we may be taken on a magical adventure, the reality faced by its characters still remain intact. Richard Parker still remains a wild Bengal tiger that cannot be tamed like a house cat and the fear, desperation and hopefulness of the titular character can be felt throughout his unusually situation out at sea with a tiger.

Amongst an impressive international casts of veteran actors, newcomer Suraj Sharma puts up a stellar performance as a 16-year old Pi who lost everything and thus was stripped down to the basic human need to survive and oddly enough the only thing keeping him alive was Richard Parker who would easily kill him just as well. Every event in the movie depicts a turning point in Pi's life and holds a somewhat double meaning to it once you have given it thought.

This movie in a subtle sense speaks of how God (regardless of which religion as Pi himself has embraced Hindu, Christianity and Islam) works in mysterious ways. I remember one of Pi's line that nicely summise up the irony of his situation which goes something like this:

"Taking care of Richard Parker was keeping me alive and my fear of him keeps me alert."

Probably due to time constrain and audience sensitivity, some of the darker and more gruesome parts of the novel have been omitted out. But if you haven't read the book, you won't be at a lost. The main core of the story still remains beautifully heartbreaking and captivating.

Even if you chose to believe that this story is too out of this world, I recommend watching it. In 3D for its visual effects.

Watch it to be taken on an adventure. Watch it for a change in your perspective of life. Or if you're like me, watch it for the tiger.  

Life of Pi hits the big screens tomorrow, 29 Nov nationwide.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie review

When I was a kid, I used to watch this anime called Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X every Saturday on NTV7. Back when RedFM DJ Sarimah was called Kak Sarimah. This anime holds a special place in my heart because it made me embrace my inner anime-nerd.
Himura Kenshin
Now, x number of years later, Warner Bros decided that anime was cool and decided to turn to Rurouni Kenshin into a live action film.

Admittedly despite the promising trailer, I was skeptical at first, no thanks to the disaster anime-turned-movie Dragonball (How can a white kid play Goku?). Usually most attempts to turn anime or games to live action movies often goes down in smoke so you can understand my skepticism. Then I managed to watch it on my flight to Maldives onboard Singapore Airlines and boy, was I glad to be proven wrong.

The movie was awesome!

Without going overboard with the special effects for the action scenes, the film cleverly combines the plots in the first arc of the anime and brings it to life. Rurouni Kenshin is basically about a former assassin for the Meiji Government known famously as Hitokiri Battosai (Manslayer) who after the war, trades in his killing ways for a reverse-edged sword (which is almost useless for killing) and wanders Japan, aiding those in need as atonement for the murders he once committed. Along the way, he meets a few people who become his friends and allies as well as enemies looking to claim his Battosai title or to destroy the peace he once fought for.


The fighting scenes are downright exciting to watch without being too unrealistic. The director has really done a good job here as he has given fans of the anime something akin to the action they are used to while keeping in mind that this is a real life action film and therefore there are certain things that just can't be done in real life. Like jumping 5 meters high and landing on a broad sword held by a man.

Takeru Satoh plays Himura Kenshin right down to the tee from his physical appearances and sword play abilities to his mannerism that can switch from downright clueless and sweet to just cold and emotionless. I am impressed by whatever training Satoh endured just so he could move and fight like how I imagine a samurai would move.

Takeru Satoh as Kenshin.
The rest of the cast depicted their roles well and it was nice to put a person's face to these characters.

Emi Takei as Kamiya Kaoru

Munetaki Aoki as Sanosuke Sagara
Taketo Tanaka as Yahiko Myojin
My main issue is the actress who played Megumi Takani, Yu Aoi who came off as a tad too young to be playing the foxy woman. Her scene where she flirted with Kenshin made me cringe because it looks so wrong. But when the moment called for, she did manage to beautifully project the conflicted side of the doctor, guilt-ridden from creating opium for a drug lord in order to survive.

I would like more scenes of Hajime Saito simply because the actor, Yosuke Eguchi is so cool playing the slick-haired cool cop.

If you're a Rurouni Kenshin fan, then I recommend watching this movie because it is exciting to see one of your childhood anime brought to life and have justice done to it. Hunting down the subtitled movie online will be a challenge but it will be worth it!

Here's the trailer:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Rise of the Guardians movie review

Call it what you will: Childhood Icons Assemble. Avengers Holiday-edition. Pre-teen Avengers. But all similarities to the teaming-up idea aside, I actually enjoyed Rise of the Guardians. Thankfully I managed to watch it the day it came out in the cinemas.

Online reviews have been going on and on about this movie was banking off the superhero team-up concept that was Marvel's Avengers and how it failed to live up to DreamWorks' previous movies such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda. Perhaps their expectations were sky-rocket high which was why Rise of the Guardians fell short in their books.

But not in mine.

The Gist
Yummy yummy

Told from the point of view of the lesser known (but a very hot) Jack Frost voiced by (the equally hot) Chris Pine, the movie brings together the Big Four childhood mascots; Russian tattooed Santa (Alec Baldwin), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), the Australian Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and a mute Sandman. Basically reluctant hero Jack is looped into helping the Guardians protect the children of the world from the Boogeyman (Jude Law) in exchange for finding the purpose to his existance.

As predictable as the storyline was (remember that their intended audiences are children), each character has their own quirky appeal. Hugh Jackman as a grumpy sarcastic bunny in all his Aussie accent is a definite treat for his fans. I sort of half expected claws to protrude from Mr Bunny's paws halfway. The banter between Bunny and Jack resembles old frenemy and brings well-timed playful humour to the movie.


Russian Santa, North plays the leader of the Guardians and is aided by, not his elves but rather big and furry Yetis to create toys all year round. Alec Baldwin nailed his role with a Russian gusto, offering a somewhat immature but fatherly figure to the dysfunctional family of the Guardians. Obviously the producers and director trusted their guts on throwing in the 30 Rock star.

Despite not uttering a single word throughout the whole movie, Sandman was just a glowing thing to watch out for. One moment, he can be sweet to you, the next you're like a light. Piss him out and he goes all kinky Hulk of Golden Sand on you. You just have to watch to see what I mean.

The Tooth Fairy scenes were my least favourite simply because she looked more like a flying fish rather than a fairy and that comes off as creepy. But I do like Isla Fisher and one of her little helpers - Baby Tooth was just adorable!

Clockwise from top left: Russian mob Santa, Loki-wannabe,
Wolverinny, Sandy and Flying Fish.
But what I really liked about the movie was the interaction between Jack and the villain Pitch. Both myths with different perspectives and reactions to being ignored and forgotten by the children who fuel their existence in favour of the Big Four. It adds in the lesson that a person's greatest enemy is in fact themselves.

Would I watch it again?
Yes. The visuals of the worlds and character designs are colourful and so animated I wished they were real. Even though I caught it in 2D, I have read reviews commenting of how this movie was designed for 3D and therefore is beautifully created to draw you and your kids into this world that all of us once believed in or still do. So I wouldn't mind rewatching it in 3D.
Rise of the Guardians is a light-hearted movie that reminds everyone, adults and children alike that it is never too late to keep our imaginations alive as only our bodies grow old but not our minds. Kids will enjoy this movie and adults, you will too if you take it for what it is. A unique, fun-filled storytelling of a childhood we all once had. (In other words, don't go into this movie expecting Inception)

One more thing....
Director Peter Ramsey must be a fan of anime. More specifically, Tite Kubo's Bleach. Why else would the main character of Rise of the Guardians resemble a certain white-haired, green-eyed, ice-wielding captain who is undoubtedly the coolest character in the Bleach-verse in all sense.

Jack versus Hitsugaya. Who will win?
At one point in the movie, I really wanted to Jack shout 'Bankai!' and go all superpowered/dragon-enforced on Pitch but alas, I remembered I wasn't watching Bleach.

Note: I am trying my best to be unbiased in this review but it was tough because I am a sucker for hot guys, fictional or not.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Fan Affair at Le Ann Maxima

When I was with the magazine, Le Ann Maxima was one of my favourite brands to loan from for photoshoots. The loaning process can be a real pain in the ass especially when you're working on a tight and busy schedule and some brands have very long procedures (emails, approvals, loan letters, driving through traffic...etc etc) just to loan a few pieces of clothes and shoes.

But not Le Ann Maxima. They were a doll to work with! And it helped that their concept store at Jaya One was literally a stone's throw away from my office then.

That was why when a friend invited me to their Fanfare Party last week, I thought "Free food! Hey, why not go to show some support?" After all, they have been nothing but supportive of me when I made last minute requests to loan clothes...

And how often does a brand throw a party exclusively for their customers and fans to show their appreciation?

Top left: Senri hard at work. Check out her blog yeah!
In light of the holiday season coming up (read: parties!), Le Ann Maxima featured their Fall Holiday collection as the highlight of the event. And after seeing those pretty designs and fashionable attires, it made me wish that I was working again just so I could buy them and have a place to parade them around at.

(L-R) Modelled by Wafa de Korte, Josephine Chin,
and Miss Malaysia World 2011, Chloe Chen
A casual favourite of mine was this lacy pastel blue range (above) that adds a bit of spring to the year-end holidays. (See what I did there. Spring in the Fall collection...No? Okay, moving on)

Keep it simple in green and white

Dresses for casual and formal wear
 Another favourite (below). Despite looking like satin, the material is actually cotton which allows it to hug your shape nicely. I especially heart the heart patterns and the best part is you don't need to accessorize too much with this range.

Fierce green chiffon, a definite eye-catcher. 

Va-va-vroom red.
Glamourous black and gold for parties.
Toga dresses in green and nude

Sexy maxi.
Of course, as we all know, fashion always goes hand-in-hand with beauty and Le Ann Maxima had invited makeup sifu Jil Yong from Amber Chia Academy to give a makeup demo. Ask her any question and Jil was more than happy to answer to the best of her abilities. The makeup tips she shared with the audiences were definitely helpful as she pointed out how people often underestimated the uses of brushes for makeup application and the colour purple as an eyeshadow.

Beauty demo with Jil Yong.
 Le Ann Maxima also conducted fun quiz sessions where guests stood a chance to win vouchers, accessories, shoes, bags and even a dress. It was fun and amusing to see how well the ladies know the brand and I dare say they are indeed hardcore fans. Even I took a chance at answering a question.

Q: What are the three clothing ranges that Le Ann Maxima carry?
(Que for mad scramble around the store, looking for the answers. I feel like a kindergarten kid again)
A: Essential, Signature and Maxima (yes, apparently Maxima is a range name. Tricky bugger)
And I won a bag. This limited edition Le Ann Maxima tote bag! 


I am just kidding.
I went home with this gorgous emerald green bag instead!

Thanks, Le Ann Maxima!
On top of winning a new bag, meeting my fellow bloggers really made my day. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Tammy and Reiko whose blogs I have been reading for sometime now. They were really nice and approachable especially to a noob blogger like your truly.

Before I end this post, I would like to wish Alexio Yeoh of Le Ann Maxima, HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY!! (as this party fell on his birthday). Talk about hardworking and dedicated.

The Birthday Boy

Have a happy day ahead!

Le Ann Maxima:
Jaya One (Concept Store),
C-31-G, Block C,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor D.E
Tel: 03-7957 3811

Amber Chia Academy PJ:
 Jaya One,
B-23-6 , Block B
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor D.E
Tel: +60 3 7960 8010

Monday, November 19, 2012

I love me some Green Tea @ Starbucks

I finally got a chance to try out one of Starbucks' Christmas dessert addition, their Caramel Green Tea cupcake and on account of the cold I was recovering from, I ordered a Green Tea Latte to accompany it. Yes, I know I did go overboard with the green tea theme....

I have tried green tea cake with red bean but never green tea cupcake with caramel on top. The cupcake was a real treat as it was moist and rich with green tea flavour. The caramel adds an unexpected nice kick to it as it is squeezed on upon ordering so that the flavouring doesn't overwhelm and affect the green tea-ness.

Green tea everywhere!
Hm, I wonder if I can ask the barista to top up caramel in my green tea latte next time. Their green tea drinks are just wonderful, whether cold or hot. Most places usually offer diluted green tea, often from a tea bag but Starbucks' green tea comes from powder form, a fact evident in its strong taste.
While the green tea latte has become my non-caffeinated hot beverage, for my ice-blended option, I like my green tea frappacino with chocolate chip. Lots of it. Give it a try. You won't regret it!
Have a great week ahead!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Roxy Madness - Clubbing Essentials for Girls.

So a few weeks ago, I received an sms invitation by Roxy for their Family and Friends' Sale that took place on a Saturday at the Midvalley outlet. I was there at 10am to beat the crowd...which I didn't because there was already about 15 people rummaging through the racks. I guess 50 % discounts on expensive beach wear do bring out the early bird in people.

source: Roxy Malaysia website

Roxy's collection was extensive, offering more bags, dresses, purses, skirts and shirts compared to five years ago. I was drawn to their brown Native America-inspired shoulder bags but as I was on a budget, I really had to ask myself, Shopaholic-style:
"Do I need this?"

But I did need a clutch purse for clubbing for various reasons so I got one. And here it is. Along with a loose T-shirt.

50% off everything.
 If you have read my earlier post about clubbing on Halloween, you would know I have a thing against girls bringing huge ass bags to clubs. If you're one of those girls, just stop it. Stop bringing your overnight bags/pitless handbags to crowded clubs. It is inconsiderate and annoying. Get a clutch purse that can fit these important items:

But what about your makeup, you ask. Well, if you're good, then your makeup should last you at least 4-5 hours of clubbing. If not, I suggest investing in waterproof or long-wearing makeup. Take only the small items like eyeliner or lipstick with you.

Back to clutches: Go look for one at Roxy. Or Jusco. Or at a blog shop. Or Asos.

Just get one.

Make life easier for you, the people around you and your boyfriend who now doesn't need to drag your bag around. Oh, and another thing. Don't let/make your boyfriend carry your handbag. Have the decency to preserve his masculinity in public because you know people will be sneering at him for being your whipping boy and at you for being too lazy or frail to carry your own bag.
(whoopse, went on a rant there...)

Redundant facts about the writer: in my college years, my friends and I went on a Roxy craze where the only birthday prezzies we would accept from each other were Roxy items. That year, I got a handbag, a purse, a shirt and a pair of slippers, all from Roxy. Looking back now, I realised how spoiled we were. First world problems much?

Peace out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Power of Fandom

Have you ever walked out of the movies or finished reading a book and wondered what if the ending had been different or if a character from another universe had been in it?

For instance, what if Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been in Twilight? Okay, we all know the answer to that one. The book would have ended in Chapter 2 and we would have been spared Bella's constantly stoned state.

And Buffy shot them both dead. The End
Or what if Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross and William Brandt from Bourne Legacy and Mission Impossible 4 were all part of Clint Barton/ Hawkeye's many secret identities in the Avengers movie-verse?
Jeremy, you have been type-casted....
Yeah...I have definitely been giving that one way too much thought.....

So anyway, there is a website called where just about anyone can contribute their own stories featuring characters from their favourite movies, anime, TV series and etc etc. You can get a wide range of stories, parodies, poems and crossovers from all sort of writers and storytellers here and some of them are pretty damn good writers. Better than published writers even.

I am not going to namedrop any authors because I don't know what rocks your boat. I am merely sharing with you a site that I have been following since high school that has helped expand my imagination....and caused me to flunk half of my subjects during my finals.

Or if you prefer something along the lines of a parody, watch HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) videos. The animation is awesome, scripts are hilarious and the voice actings  are just spot on! Just watch the Batman spoof below:

Or for something of a musical, do check out the Hillywood Show by Hilly and Hannah. Their production work is just amazing considering that their videos are funded from their own pockets. Kudos to these talented sisters!

If you like fan-made manga, comic and anime, then I would suggest checking some doujinshi works over the Internet or even from some of the local talents at Comic Fiesta 2012.

There will be cosplayers, doujinshi artists, fan-made merchandises and video games. The dedication and effort these fans put into their work is just impressive as you'll see Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto and Dragonball characters literally come to life. Those with DSLR cameras, this event is the best to put your photography skills to good use because you will have ever ready models always prepared to strike a pose for you!

It's a two-days events with tickets available at RM20 per day or RM35 for both days. For more info, go to their website at

And before I sign off, here's a little random redundant fun fact:

The Fifty Shades trilogy was initially written as a Twilight fan fiction, originally titled Master of the Universe (insert He-Man theme song here). It was published on fan-fiction websites by E.L. James under the pen name "Snowqueen's Icedragon". Now over 60 millions copies have been sold worldwide. (source:

The power of fandom, not to be underastimated.

Teehee! (dammit, Ryan Higa!)


Friday, November 9, 2012

Kardashian Kollection @ Dorothy Perkins

If you're a fan of Kourtney, Khloe (like me) or Kim Kardashian, then you will be happy to know that an entire line of sexy and fierce clothings designed by the sexy trio can now be found at Dorothy Perkins, Midvalley as of yesterday.

Kardashian Wave in stores.
The Kardashian Kollection (yes, that's collection with a K) introduces hot leopard prints, hints of overlaid laces, sultry dark colours with classy hints of gold in the form of body-tight dresses and formal, versatile wear.

And the best part about the range, the designs and cuts caters to women of all walks and sizes! Skinny, petite, voluptuous, curvy, booty-filled.... There is something for everyone! I will credit this to the fact that the Kardashian sisters themselves aren't the typical model sizes. Khloe is my favourite because like majority of women around the world, she has faced criticism on her weight and has proven that you don't need to be stick thin to be sexy.

"I have moments of weakness, but mostly I brush the criticism off… Who cares if I’m not a size zero? I don’t want to be. I love my body; I’m healthy, I work out...I am who I am. I can’t do anything about it, and I love who I am."
-Khloe Kardashian.

And we love you for that, Khloe. Even the Malaysian celebrities was not spared the craze as they shared their favourites from the Kardashian line at the official launch at Dorothy Perkins, Midvalley yesterday.

L-R: Daphne Iking, Poova Plachciak, Belinda Chee and Sazzy Falak,
wearing the Kardashian Kollection.

Loving the new collection.
 I love how most of the pieces are statement pieces and can make all the difference in your fashion style. And frankly speaking, Dorothy Perkins clothes aren't at all that expensive as they are really good quality and beautifully designed. The Kardashian line is not different with prices starting at RM150 to RM350. Make a fashion investment, be stylish for life (gosh, that's corny).

One of the first few to own a Kardashian piece.
Photo inception!

DP Midvalley is the first store to hold the collection although other DP outlets in Malaysia will have them on the shelves by Monday, 12 Nov.

Fierce prints and sexy laces.
On a side note, DP's other lines are worth having a look at too. These tan Pu Hi Tops caught my eye despite not being a part of the K-Kollection. Me likey... especially for dancing...

For more info on the Kardashian Kollection, log on to the Dorothy Perkins website or head down to their outlets in Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid, 1Utama, Bangsar Village II, The Curve, Empire Shopping Gallery and Pavilion.

Happy shopping!