Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skull Island Halloween Party 2012 @ Zouk KL

Who would have thought that just going for Halloween party could be so stressful? It didn't help that I was doped up on cough meds, was the logistics person, designated driver and coordinator for my friends. And as of Friday, I didn't have my costume yet!

I went costume hunting on Friday since it was a public holiday and managed to get a gothic lacey pirate attire from Costumes N Parties @ the Weld for Zouk's Halloween Party. All the nicer ones were pre-booked so they only had three outfits left. Serves me right for doing last minute preparation.

Gothic pirate
Anyway, after picking up a group of my friends and meeting another group at the club, we spent a few minutes snapping pictures with the cool decorations that occupied the parking lot.

Pretty lasses all in a row.

My dearies.
My favourite was when a group of pirate zombie dancers performed 'Gangnam Style'. Made me wish that my group of my dance studio was here so that we could join in but half of them went for the Big Bang concert instead.

Hot zombie dancer
'I am flame boy!'
Even though it was only 1130pm when we went in, Phuture was packed! The bartenders were running back and forth, taking orders from the many many patrons crowding/loitering at the bar. I just wish that they would just take their drinks and make way for other patrons. Prakash suggested flashing a boob or one of his guns.

We were bouncing between Phuture and Velvet for a change in music and that's what I like about Zouk; its many rooms and music choices. Unfortunately, the dance floors was just too crowded so we we ended up just bobbing in one spot the rest of the night while checking out the cute guys. Like this one below:

Nevertheless, it was a fun and memorable night. I spotted Thor, mad scientists, a hippie, a gypsy and a cowboy who lost his way from Klang....

Lost cowboy, gypsy & a hippie.
Salute to Zouk KL for pulling off yet again one of the most happening parties in town. I think the crowd waiting outside the club at 2am just to get in will agree. And thanks to April for the free entrance passes (and congratulations on your bun in the oven!)

For more pictures to see what you missed out on, go to Skull Island Party album or to Zouk's official event album. Enjoy :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Din Tai Fung Lunch Set review

My parents always complained that I have expensive cravings considering that I am currently surviving on a student budget and the occasional freelancer paychecks. I try to cut down when I can but sometimes the craving for good food is just too hard to resist.

Din Tai Fung's famous Xiao Long Bao is undoubtedly one of my favourites. I get cravings for it so often it drives my parents crazy every time I suggest Din Tai Fung for lunch or dinner.

Which is why I was so glad when I found out that Din Tai Fung had a lunch set. For RM23.90, I get to satisfy my craving for Xiao Long Bao along with one main dish and a drink (ice lemon tea or soya bean). Totally worth it!

Lunch set menu for Oct.

The mains can usually be shared between two people as they are huge! I love their shrimp and pork fried rice because they are very generous with their crunchy shrimps, six pieces tucked away in their yummy not-oily fried rice.

Shrimp & pork fried rice
And of course, the main reason I ever go to Din Tai Fung - their pork Xiao Long Bao. I have tried Xiao Long Bao from other places but none are up to the standards of Din Tai Fung, mainly because their dumpling skin is too thick or the soup inside is very little. You won't get that at Din Tai Fung.

Oh, glorious dumpling!
The recommended method of eating Xiao Long Bao.

I prefer to drink the soup first before dabbing the ginger and soy sauce and eating it whole.

The lunch set is available only from Mon - Fri, before 3pm. Not available on public holidays or the eve of public holidays.

Hah, let's see my parents complain about my 'expensive' taste in food now! :p

The Gardens Mall,
Mid Valley City
LG207, Lower Ground Floor
Tel:+603 2283 2292
Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

For more info on their other outlets, head over to

*This is not an invited review. Every opinion here is the writer's own.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Costume Tips for Clubbers

It's that time of the year that I love the most! ...apart from Christmas, New Year's, my birthday, every public holiday available in Malaysia....

Where was I going with this again? Oh, right. It's Halloween!

This means that the most happening clubs in Kuala Lumpur will be throwing Halloween themed parties this weekend. If you are like me and have not prepared your outfit yet, you might want to start googling places to rent from.

Here are a few tips to bare in mind when selecting your costumes for a night of party clubbing:

1. No wings or big props. Imagine turning in a circle and knocking down everything around you including your friend's Flaming Lamborghini. Yup, that will make a great memory to remember Halloween by.

2. Shoes are a must. Even if you are coming dressed as a hobo, always include SHOES as part of your costumes. To share April Augustin (one of the brains behind Zouk's awesome parties)'s experience, "It's not safe to go shoeless in the club. One year we had a group of zombies who came in full character and we told them to go back to their cars and grab their shoes." Simply put, clubs are where girls strut around in sky-high heels, cigarette butts are flaked to the ground and glasses are sometimes scattered. Enough said.

3. No big bags. Is that your overnight bag dancing with you? No, I don't care if it is a part of the costume or that you got your handphone, Ipad, camera, makeup set, change of clothes and extra pair of shoes in there. No big bags to crowded clubs and this should be applied to every time you go clubbing. Not only are you an easy target for pickpocketing, your big trusty bag will probably annoy someone enough to push you into a drain.

4. The right underwear. Odds are you are going to be dancing and moving about a lot so be sure to wear the right undergarments (design and colour-wise) to go with your attire. We don't want to see your camel toe or even your neon coloured bra or Calvin Klein boxers.

5. Play the part. If you have gone through all the hassle to do yourself up like a particular character, then why not just embody the character and have fun with it? After all, it's just for one night. Let loose and don't shy away from the camera.

So where are you partying this weekend?

I for one will be heading over to Zouk KL on 27 Oct, Sat for its infamous Halloween party. Last year's party was themed 'Nightmare before Halloween' and it was awesome! Have a look-see here if you don't believe me.

This year's theme is Skull Island so expect many versions of Jack Sparrow and adult-rated Ariel the Little Mermaid. Zouk KL has a whole night of fun and entertainment lined up so hope to see you there!

WTF, Snake Enchanters??
(source: Zouk KL)

The treasure hunt between 9 - 10pm.
(source: Zouk KL)

Free Entry
Free entry to anyone in full Halloween costume. Judgment will be passed by the Captain of the Ship

TICKET ENTRY: RM48 Ladies / RM58 Men (inc 1 drink)
BOTTLE ENTRY: RM373 / 4pax (Before 11pm)
RESERVATIONS*: Please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm)
*applicable to 21 yrs old and above

113, Jalan Ampang
50450, KL



Happy Halloweeeeeenieeeee!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pork Noodle Post

Hey there, peeps!

So first post.
I am getting giddy just typing this. The start of anything is always the hardest....unless it involves stuffing my face with food. Just ask any writer or blogger. The hardest part of a story (or in this case, a blog) is getting started. So I am just going to diving right into it.

(You can skip this part if you're here for the food review)

Why Happy Days Ahead?
Because 'Iamloosebutterfly.blogspot' has already been taken. Just joking. I am starting this blog because quite simply, I miss writing for an audience and have been toying with this idea for a while now. This is not my first blog though. I had one or two in college but as you can imagine, the content is probably worthy of Stephenie Meyer's novels so let's move on.

I picked this name because it is going to be about everything (from places, clothes, beauty products to food and lifestyle) that makes a person, particularly me, happy. And why not share the happy? And no, I am not selling weed.

The url name is 'happydaysinc.blogspot' because 'happydaysahead' was taken. No, I am not joking. But I thought Inc had a nice touch. Like I am running a company that makes people (and myself) happy. Again, not selling weed here.

Anyway, I just thought I'll get this post out of the way by making it my first since it is one of favourite dishes and just had it recently.

The Obligatory Best Pork Noodle post.
Every other blogger in PJ and KL has probably blogged about it but that just goes to show how good this place is. Tucked away in a food court in Brickfields, Uncle Peter's Pork Noodles really does justice to pork. For only RM5, you get a mountain of meat types in your noodle along with a delicious egg, broken into and cooked with the soup as it is served to you piping hot. Crispy pork lard flavours the soup while a generous helping of pork liver, minced pork and sliced pork ensures that every bite is meaty-full bite. I am just salivating thinking about it now....

If I was on the death sentence, this will be my requested last meal.
Best time to have it is in the morning before 12noon as it gets crowded fast. (The Banana Leaf Rice is another crowd-puller but that's for a future post) Parking is also a bit of a challenge unless you're willing to part with RM4.25 per hour at the parking lot next to the food court. Better RM4.25 than RM50 saman I always say.


  • Small & without egg - RM4.50
  • Small & with egg - RM5.00
  • Big & without egg - RM5.50
  • Big & with egg - RM6.00

  • Address:
    Peter’s Pork Noodles,
    Mayflower Food Court,
    144A, Jalan Vivekananda,
    Off Jalan Brickfields,
    50470 KL.
    (right next to Legend’s Briyani House)

     Closed on alternate Mondays

    Have a Happy Day ahead!