Monday, June 30, 2014

BBQ Thai - Thai Street Food, Old Klang Road

BBQ Thai restaurant in Old Klang Road is known for offering up authentic Thai street food in an chic environment that resembled the Bangkok night market that has since closed down. With different buildings that double as dining aircon rooms and unique decor in the main outdoor eating, BBQ Thai does leave an impression food-wise and ambivalence-wise My first visit a year ago, left me impressed with their BBQ pork neck and seafood Tom Yam soup and craving for more but since then I haven't had the time nor the company to revisit the place until recently.

The best landmark to look out for when approaching the restaurant (if you are coming from Midvalley) is Coco Steamboat. Upon spotting that, best to stick to the left lane and slow down. The nearly-invisible entrance to BBQ Thai is a few meters down and parking can be found inside the compound although limited. It is advisable to carpool and/or driving a small car. Reservation is recommended for larger groups and if you would like some privacy, request for the air-con rooms although it could get noisy inside.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sneak Preview of M2 World of Brand in Tropicana City Mall


M2 World of Brands has finally opened up in Tropicana City Mall! I was treated to a sneak preview of the newly opened outlet and found shelves and racks of luxury brands of bags, dresses and accessories ranging from Hermes, Chanel to Miu Miu.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Digi Challenge for Change 2014 Finale

The fifth edition of DiGi's annual Challenge for Change (#DiGiCFC) programme officially ended yesterday with the announcement of the winners of the best mobile apps.

In case you don't know what the DiGi Challenge for Change is, it is a competition to discover new, community-centric ideas that are then developed into mobile applications. More than 2,500 ideas were submitted at the ideation phase and only five of these ideas were selected to become the basis of the mobile apps that were later designed in the app development phase. About 56 full-fledged mobile apps were created across these five categorizes in hopes of winning prizes amounting to over RM200,000. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

SCKLM: Run for a Reason and I am on TV!

Look, ma! I am on TV!

Thanks to Standard Chartered KL and Essence PR, I was invited to join Rainer Biemans from Dirigo Events, organiser of SCKLM and Elena Koshy from Malaysian Nature Society on Hello On Two, an afternoon segment of TV2. While Rainer spoke about the run itself, Elena shared about how MNS' cause and how SCKLM is contributing and helping them. And that was where I came in as a runner for SCKLM and MNS.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Whittaker's Chocolate Malaysia Launch

The first time I heard about Whittaker's Chocolate was four years ago in the country of its origins, New Zealand when I was there on a media tour. I saw the chocolate brand in the airport shops and its variety of flavours was huge! Kiwi, dark chocolate of different richness, strawberry, name it, they had it. Needless to say, I boarded the plane back to Malaysia with my carry-on filled with Whittaker's Chocolate bars. 

Fast forward four years later to June 2014 and Whittaker's Chocolate has finally had its way to Malaysia! And to mark its entry, Whittaker's bringing flavours that has not been so readily available in Malaysia before such as peanut butter chocolate and dark peppermint fondant-filled chocolate.

Monday, June 16, 2014

NST Street Race 2014

So I just completed my first ever NST Street Race yesterday with my team, the Killah Cherry Poppers. A mix of running, treasure hunting and obstacle racing, it was by far one of the hardest challenges I have done to date and that included Tough Mudder. Completing and even getting to each challenges and checkpoint called for a mix of brains, strength, luck and a bit of experience.

We arrived at the NST main office building bright and early to get good parking and already the atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation. Everyone was in either teams of four or three and a good chunk of us were from our bootcamp gang. Some of us had joined this previously and were the favourite to get a placing. As for me, I just wanted to do this without decking or killing my teammates as I have been known to get snappish and bitchy in a stressful situation. Once during a car treasure hunt, I shoved my friend out of the car at a traffic light to grab a treasure we needed.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Taylor Swift - AirAsia Merchandise for the Fans

So who managed to catch Taylor Swift's first ever concert in Kuala Lumpur as part of the RED Tour 2014 recently? Well, I can't say I did because I didn't but I heard it was one heck of a swell concert, 

And the best part is, she flew in on the day of the concert itself aboard this special Airbus A320 Taylor Swift livery by Malaysia's very own Airasia. While it is off to Singapore next for Taylor for the final leg of The RED Tour, die-hard fans of the singer have the chance of owning the special AirAsia Taylor Swift aircraft model

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Japan 2014: Namba guesthouse ( House), Osaka Review

On my mom's recommendation, I stayed the last leg of my Japan 2014 trip at Namba Guesthouse ( House). My mom who stayed there a few months early and during that time, helped me secure a room for my group, told me of its friendly owners, its ideal location, the cosy accommodation and finally, of its resident cats.

CATS! That immediately sold the guesthouse to me and prior to my trip, I promptly cancelled my booking with a hostel in Shinsaibashi and reconfirmed my booking with Saito, the owner of Namba Guesthouse.
We arrived in Namba station in Osaka coming from Kyoto after a short stop at Nara and quickly found our way to Namba Guesthouse. The accommodation was only a 5 minutes walk from the main transportation hub of midtown Osaka and just a stone-throw away from otaku and technie heaven, Den-Den Town. .

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Train your Dragon 2 movie review

Wow, it has been ages since I did a movie review and I am not sure I can even remember how to do it. Anyway without further ado, on to the review of Dreamworks' most highlight anticipated movie of the year, How To Train Your Dragon 2 courtesy of Nuffnang.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jump Street Trampoline Park

Ever since I watched Step Up 3D and saw Adam Sevani and Sharni Vinson as dancers Moose and Natalie somersault into a pit of foam cubes, I have always wanted to try that. And just recently, that dream came true, thanks to the new Jump Street Trampoline Park that had opened up on 31 May 2014.

 And the verdict?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cosans Coffee Solaris Mont Kiara Grand Opening

Coffee coffee coffee!

If there is one thing I cannot get enough of (besides chocolate), that would be coffee. Just ask my colleagues. I am known as the staunch coffee-drinker in the office with my best works products of two daily cups of coffee.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Japan 2014 - Day 5: Kyoto - Arashiyama & Cat Cafe Nekokaigi

It started raining early in the morning on the day we had planned to go to the outskirts of Kyoto to visit the serene Arashiyama. But undeterred, we stuck our plan, borrowed umbrellas from Hana Hostel and caught the bus near our hostel to take to the Randen train from the Nishioji-Sanjo station (Stop A4). Spotting the little train station was tricky as we were expecting one with ticketing machines and train attendant but this stop resembled a bus stop along a set of railway tracks.

We didn't need to wait long before long the Randen train pulled up and we boarded it. The rain stopped for a while when we arrived at the Arashiyama station (Stop A14) and we were tempted to drop by the foot spa at the station platform to combat the cold weather.