Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quicky Office Lunch: Toasted TC Boy Tuna Sandwich

Healthy eating can be quite tricky at work. More often than not, it is just much easier to succumb to the temptation of unhealthy instant meals and the lure of pricey cafes in the vicinity. Which is why I often stock up on a set of emergency canned tuna for those days when I want to eat simple and healthy.

Thanks to TC Boy, a Malaysian-based company, I got to add their canned tuna and sardine to my set of emergency food in the office. I admit, I am usually a bit apprehensive when it comes to resorting to canned food but when taken in moderation and prepared correctly, it can make for a delicious healthy meal.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spartan Race Super KL 2016 - D-Day

The Battle on the Black River was certainly a name unfit for the recent Spartan Race Super held in another development project, at Canary Gardens, Bandar Bestari. It wasn't so much of a battle but rather a series of long jump challenges. It wasn't so much of a Black River but rather....a series of parits and longkangs (ditches and drains in English respectively)

Well, there was one "Black River" but it was brown from...sewage waste. Gross.

But I am really getting ahead of myself here. I was tackling my second Super race fresh off Malaysia's first Hurricane Heat and despite the anticipated equinox, I felt good about going into the race. Minus the slight  headache from inhaling the haze during Hurricane Heat.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Milo Breakfast Day is back

7 cities across Malaysia will be a part of Milo's Breakfast Move 2016 that encourages Malaysians to own the day by starting their day with breakfast. Themed Own the Day, the movement also kicks off the 4th Milo Breakfast Day which spreads its reach across the nation to seven cities this year before culminating in the grand finale in Putrajaya.

The launch of the movement, held at Talent Lounge on 23 March saw Dr Hamid Jan B Jan Mohamed sharing about the current breakfast habits amongst Malaysian school children. He revealed that 1 in four Malaysian children skipped breakfast at least three times a week and that affects their overall performance in school and in sporting activities.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Under Armour Test of Will 2016

Under Armour Southeast Asia announced the kick off the Under Armour Test of Will 2016, a Southeast Asia-wide fitness challenge in celebration of human performance, functional fitness and the training lifestyle. An elite event that is accessible to everyone with the will to train, the Under Armour Test of Will 2016 is a distinctively modern and uniquely urban fitness challenge for the growing community of advanced athletes, high achievers and fitness aspirants across Southeast Asia with a drive for competition.

Kicking off in Singapore, national heats will be staggered over the month of April in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Built around a series of challenges that assesses pure, functional fitness through callisthenic motion using only body weight and simple gear, each Test of Will competitor will have to complete a 4-minute circuit testing his or her balance, speed, agility and power.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Asia's first Hurricane Heat in Malaysia: I survived.

It was almost 4:15am, our supposed check-in time for Hurricane Heat and my sister and I had no idea where the supposed meet-up place was. The email told us to gather at Canary Gardens, Bandar Bestari, Klang at the Finishing Arch of the Spartan Super to held later on that same day. But when we got to the garden, it was pitch black, no one was in sight and the stench of haze lingered in the air. My reaction was...well, f**k.

We brisk-walked up and down the empty park looking for the Finishing Arch and then we heard it - the sounds of Spartans - counting out burpees in unison no doubt. Following the noises, we finally spotted a man standing on a small hill with a megaphone. "Are you here for Hurricane Heat?"

Monday, March 21, 2016

Kyoto Marathon 2016: 46 Thoughts that went through my mind during the race

1. OMG, I am actually in THE Kyoto Marathon. I am actually running my first marathon. In Japan.

2. 2km down. 40km more to go. I can do this!
3. 7:00 min pace. Hm. A little too fast. I should slow down even though I feel great. I am sure my legs will thank me later.
4. Why is everyone lapping me? You sprint now, dude with the long lanky legs. I'll see you at the 10km mark when you wear out.
5. It's getting kinda hot. I wanna take off my jacket but bib is pinned to it. It's too much of a hassle to remove. Oh well, looks like I am stuck wearing this for the whole run.
6. First cut off point and I am about 10 minutes ahead of it. That mean the bus of shame is about a kilometer behind me.  All this maths!
7. I like this weather. I don't feel like I am going to vomit my lungs out at all.
8. Time for my first gel. Fuel me up, my magic potion!!
9. 15 minutes ahead of the second cut off point. Did I just speed up?
10. Awwww, look at these nice Japanese people cheering us on. You don't see this back home.
11. Was that 10km? That wasn't too bad. 32km more to go.

12. I should high-five that old lady and that kid and that gentleman on the side. You get a high five, you get a high five. EVERYBODY GETS A HIGH FIVE!
13. I can really feel that gel kicking in. Woohoo!
14. Damn bunion, messing up my steps. I should lop it off!
15. But if I lop it off, I'll be out of any form of exercise for 6 months. Not worth it.
16. Here's the first U-turn section. Look at all those people on the other side of the road. I can't be that far behind...right?

17. Damn it's further than I thought. Where's that U-TURN???
18. Ooh look. A nice old man is giving out sweets. Would be rude to turn him down.
19. Nope, big mistake. Too chewy. I am spitting it out. Time to gel up anyway.
20. The Kamo river is really nice. And clean. So very clean.
21. A half marathon done! Another half to go!

22. 20km to go! Counting backwards sure helps. On to the next U-turn section!
23. Oh-uh, is that rain drops I feel? Luckily I got my trusty hoodie and gloves.
24. Oh it stopped. But damn that wind is cutting cold! Gloves on!
25. It's too hot now, gloves off.
26. What is that pain above my ankle? Is my compression pants cutting off the blood circulation to my feet? Omg, I might need to amputate it.
27. Let me adjust it...and try walking it off.
28. That helped a little. Back to running or jogging. Or crawling. Where's my gel?
29. Where and when is the next cut off point? Crap, I forgot.
30. Running on the river bank is so nice. I feel like I am running on clouds...

31. Was that guy serving coke? Should have grabbed one. Should I turn back? Oooh, wave for the camera!
32. Are we running next to the Kyoto Imperial Palace now? I remember cycling along this road before. No, wait. Wrong road.
33. I think I read somewhere that running a marathon is literally just a bunch of people physically torturing themselves while they count to 42km as slowly as humanly possible. Morons.
34. Wind. Gloves on!
35. Cut off point crossed with 20 minutes to spare! Hahahah! I am actually doing this.
36. Kyoto City Hall is just one giant U-turn. Bleh. Annnnnnd it's warm again. Gloves off!
37. I see the 6 hours pacers on the other side. Look at all those people glued to them. And look at all those people trailing behind them. Run people run or you'll get cut off!
38.  Ah, coke. God bless your soul, random Japanese people giving out coke on the side of the road. I can feel my pace picking up! No, wait. That's just the wind blowing in my face. Where are my gloves...
39.  Goddammit, the ankle pain is back and now it has joined forces with evil bunion to torment me. Is this an uphill...? Yes, it is.
40. Omg, are the sweeper cyclists tormenting that last runner? And why does the sweeper bus look like a funeral hearse? I bet that guy inside is reading out rest in peace rites.
41. 2km more to go, biatches!!
42. Let me take a picture with the distant marker here. 42km, biatches!

43. Oh right. A marathon is 42.195km. 195 meters to go.
44. Yay, I finished! First marathon ever! In Japan no less!
45. Fark shit crap, the pain the pain! Why do my legs hate me!??
46.....I might just do another one next year. In Japan.

For the proper more sane race recap of the Kyoto Marathon, click on this link.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Signing Up for Hurricane Heat KL

Why do I keep doing this to myself?, I asked myself over and over again. Kyoto Marathon (no regrets), Mount Fuji (no regrets), Spartan Stadium Combo - Tough Mudder - Melbourne 10km run (no regrets) and the list goes on. I think I need an intervention.

You see, I have just signed up for Hurricane Heat organised by Spartan Race, this time in Klang. Granted, it's a 2 hours Hurricane Heat but it's the first I am joining. I spent the whole of 2015 chasing my Spartan Trifecta and now that I have it, where does that lead me? Hurricane Heat seemed like the next natural course of action.

What is Hurricane Heat and how does it differ from a Spartan Race?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Under Armour Celebrates International Women's Day in Collaboration with Biotherm Malaysia‏

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, Under Armour in collaboration with Biotherm Malaysia has successfully organised an event aimed at encouraging healthy living among the community and to educate the public on the importance of overall wellness. The event was held at the Under Armour brand house in Pavilion Shopping Centre.

Registered participants were given the opportunity to practice yoga with Under Armour’s Brand Influencer, Robyn Lau and Brand Athlete, Atilia Haron. They were also treated to a special Facial Yoga session conducted by Michelle Tay, Biotherm Malaysia’s Education Manager, specially curated to help participants achieve the post workout glow.

“Today’s event is all about celebrating women and their achievement worldwide. In the words of famous Russian novelist Ayn Rand, "The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me." Under Armour clearly acknowledges all the efforts women have done to inspire those around them and we want to encourage everyone to promote healthy living amongst yourself and those in your community.” said Lynn D Ong, Assistant Marketing Manager of UA Sports Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spartan Race Super KL 2016 - Training with USM

Spartan Race Super is less than a week away and training for it has only gotten more intense with the team. The original Spartan Malaysia team Do's and Doms took to Crossfit Pahlwan (not to do crossfit, god forbid and Raj will have a fit) and got our butts whipped into shape by Coach Lily. Lily had just returned from Australia where she did the Spartan Stadium and got a taste of the intense 300.

You can read about our experience of the 300 here.

Anyway, inspired by the madness of the 300, Lily added it to her session and nearly killed us all. See for yourself.

Best view on Youtube:

How ready are you for Spartan and Viper Arena? I'll be at both events at the 930am and 8pm wave respectively so come over and say hi.

Also join us on the United Spartans of Malaysia Facebook group for more OCR news and training sessions. We're heaps of fun and we don't bite...much.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet And Easter Goodies, Shangri-La Hotel KL

Lemon Garden Cafe at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur is offering a delectable Easter Sunday lunch buffet on 27 March, from 12noon to 3pm.

It is a wide-ranging spread in this international lunch buffet, from western to Asian dishes. They include Duck Leg Comfit with Citrus Caramel, Grilled Giant Squid with Chermoula and Risotto Milanese with Prawns, among others. There is a carving station with Roast Greek Style Lamb Leg, and a cooking station where diners can have fish and prawn cakes with green mango salad.

Friday, March 11, 2016

#YourNutella Official Launch at 1Utama

The #YourNutella campaign has indeed officially launched in Malaysia. After kicking off in the Middle East, Europe and most recently Singapore, Malaysians can get their own customised Nutella jars for themselves or even their family and friends.

The official launch was held at the center court, (new) old wing of One Utama on the very first day of the #YourNutella roadshow (9-13 March). The media turnout for this morning midweek event merely showed how well-loved this brand was with editors, photogs and bloggers turning up to show their support.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

SCKLM 2016 : Introducing the Checkpoint System for Marathon category

The Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon is back and set to kick off on Sunday, 7 August 2016 at Dataran Merdeka. Registration dates has been announced as below:

A new staggered registration system was introduced to ensure a better registration experience for runners as it simplifies the online registration process and lessens the chances of web-traffic congestion.
Now I have some good news and one bad news.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

#YourNutella: Fancy Owning Your Own Customised Nutella Jar?

The meaning of TANIA -1) An abbreviation of Tatiana which is feminine of the Roman family clan name Tatius (origin: Roman); 2) a fairy queen-of Tatiana (origin: Russia) or 3) the owner of Sugoi Days blog and staunch Nutella eater (origin: Malaysia)
Your name is special and unique to you and only you. It's a gift from your parents, a feature that reflects your heritage and the first thing that is yours alone, your badge of individuality. Much like your first memory with Nutella.

Thanks to Nutella, you now have a way to celebrate your names in true Nutella-fashion. With a customised Nutella jar! In fact mine just came in the mail! Thanks, Nutella!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Kyoto Marathon 2016: Race Day

Two years ago I made the bold declaration by saying that my first marathon can and will only happen in Japan and in winter. Much like how Puteri Gunung Ledang laid down her conditions to the king of Melaka, these were my conditions to my friends who kept insisting that I run a marathon. The condition got them to shut up about it but little did I know I had just inception-ed myself. Because the idea just grew and grew.

Two years later, it happened. In Kyoto.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kyoto Marathon 2016 - Race Expo and Race Pack Collection at Miyako Messe

Ah the Kyoto Marathon race expo.

A mere teaser of what an awesome event race day itself was going to be, a preview if you will. To say I was excited to go for it was an understatement. The expo was held at the finish line destination of the race itself - Miyako Messe (Kyoto International Exhibition Hall) right next to the iconic Heian Shrine which will be part of the finishing background.

We took the Keihan train from Gion and transited over to the Tozai line where we got off at Higashiyama station. From there, it was a 8 minutes walk to the race expo. Directions were no issue with clear signages showing us the way from the station to the torii gates. From there, volunteers were at hand to direct us into the hall and to ensure we had all the necessary documents for the bib collections. Easy peasy.