Thursday, May 6, 2021

Mirror Lake Shah Alam: Setia Alam Community Trail

This place has been going viral over social media, sending doves of people to the furthest parts of Selangor to see this beautiful serene lake hidden inside Setia Alam Community Park. 

With a surface to still and calm, the teal waters reflect the skies in a whimsical mirror image hence earning its name. The water is so blue that it might looked like an auntie had tried washing her blue freshly dyed sarong in its water. But don't worry about chemicals contaminating the lake because its blue comes from the algae that has flourished at the lake bed. 

Isn't nature wonderful? 

There are many routes to the lake, some ideal for hikers, some better for beginners or those just wanting to go there for photos. On my two visits to the lake, I tried two different entrances to the lake, one via the Setia Alam Community Park and the second time via the housing area of Nusa Rhu. The former is sort of the official place to start with clear signage, a SESelangor QR to scan and a map. The latter requires you to park alongside a road and walking past the guard house of a gated community with the hopes of not getting chased out. 

In this post, I will elaborate a bit on the Setia Alam Community Trail head and dedicate another post to the other entrance. Getting to the start point of the hike took us roughly 30 minutes with a toll on the way into Setia Alam. It's fairly easy to waze to as all you need to key in is Setia Alam Community Trail Head. 

Parking near the start point of the hike is limited and it's recommended to park at the shoplots further up the road near the Petron petrol station. From there, it's roughly a 800m walk to the start aka Station A. At the entrance, scan the SESelangor QR and snap a photo of the map on display before heading off alongside a walled off construction site. Just keep following the trail until you reach a T-junction with the signs leading to Lake Trail or Peak Garden. 

Ignore your instincts to go towards Lake Trail and turn right towards Peak Garden. When you come across a barren flat land overlooking the destruction of mother nature, you're on the right path. 

Just look out for this sign and its honest rendition of the pain awaiting you. 

From there just keep following the trail signs to Station B. Once you're at station B, take solace in the fact that it's all downhill from there on to Mirror Lake. 

The lake itself is beautiful and well worth the sweat and tears that will come on the return trip back to Station A. I've seen videos of flocks of people loitering there but when I was there, there were a few groups all sufficiently spaced out. 

There is a trail going around the lake and to the Nusa Rhu entrance. You can also hike up to Bukit Saputangan to see a rundown watchtower. We gave that a miss as the weather was unkind that day. For me, the main draw of the hike was the lake and I was in love instantly. 

But like I mentioned, the hike back to the car made me want to reconsider this relationship. 

Hiking or trail shoes are a must. On the route down to the lake, we passed a family of three slipping and sliding on the muddy and slippery trail. Don't be a hero and wear your lifestyle walking shoes. Getting a grip has never been more important. 

If you're planning to go in for a dip, go ahead. The water is warm, filled with fishes probably used to people invading their habitat. Bring along a change of clothes and a waterproof camera or phone. 

The total trip took us 3 hours (1 hour 10 mins in, 45 mins at the lake and 1 hour back). We brought our own bottled water but found it to be barely sufficient on the return hike. So bring more water, snacks and some isotonic drink as well. 

Getting to Mirror Lake via the Setia Alam Community Trail was a journey but it was one that made us appreciate the attraction even more. And me more determined to find the other entrance that didn't require us climbing over a freaking steep hill. 

More on that in my post about the Nusa Rhu entrance. 

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