Friday, November 9, 2012

Kardashian Kollection @ Dorothy Perkins

If you're a fan of Kourtney, Khloe (like me) or Kim Kardashian, then you will be happy to know that an entire line of sexy and fierce clothings designed by the sexy trio can now be found at Dorothy Perkins, Midvalley as of yesterday.

Kardashian Wave in stores.
The Kardashian Kollection (yes, that's collection with a K) introduces hot leopard prints, hints of overlaid laces, sultry dark colours with classy hints of gold in the form of body-tight dresses and formal, versatile wear.

And the best part about the range, the designs and cuts caters to women of all walks and sizes! Skinny, petite, voluptuous, curvy, booty-filled.... There is something for everyone! I will credit this to the fact that the Kardashian sisters themselves aren't the typical model sizes. Khloe is my favourite because like majority of women around the world, she has faced criticism on her weight and has proven that you don't need to be stick thin to be sexy.

"I have moments of weakness, but mostly I brush the criticism off… Who cares if I’m not a size zero? I don’t want to be. I love my body; I’m healthy, I work out...I am who I am. I can’t do anything about it, and I love who I am."
-Khloe Kardashian.

And we love you for that, Khloe. Even the Malaysian celebrities was not spared the craze as they shared their favourites from the Kardashian line at the official launch at Dorothy Perkins, Midvalley yesterday.

L-R: Daphne Iking, Poova Plachciak, Belinda Chee and Sazzy Falak,
wearing the Kardashian Kollection.

Loving the new collection.
 I love how most of the pieces are statement pieces and can make all the difference in your fashion style. And frankly speaking, Dorothy Perkins clothes aren't at all that expensive as they are really good quality and beautifully designed. The Kardashian line is not different with prices starting at RM150 to RM350. Make a fashion investment, be stylish for life (gosh, that's corny).

One of the first few to own a Kardashian piece.
Photo inception!

DP Midvalley is the first store to hold the collection although other DP outlets in Malaysia will have them on the shelves by Monday, 12 Nov.

Fierce prints and sexy laces.
On a side note, DP's other lines are worth having a look at too. These tan Pu Hi Tops caught my eye despite not being a part of the K-Kollection. Me likey... especially for dancing...

For more info on the Kardashian Kollection, log on to the Dorothy Perkins website or head down to their outlets in Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid, 1Utama, Bangsar Village II, The Curve, Empire Shopping Gallery and Pavilion.

Happy shopping!

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