Monday, January 28, 2013

Pet Project is back!

Mark your calenders and prepare to "get active to help save animals" because Pet Project Malaysia is back!

At a recent press conference at City Golf, BSC, the organisers of Pet Project in association with Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine have officially announced the return of the event with a performance by Sabrina Saw's own little Chicka's followed by a quick golf session with one of their sponsors, City Golf.

Pet Project Malaysia press conference.
 Here are your need-to-know info!

What is Pet Project?

Project Malaysia was founded by Sabrina Saw who wanted to unite her love for dance and animals for a good cause. In 2012, Pet Project succeeded in raising RM23,000 through a series of activities consisting of dance, fitness and sports, which was donated to over nine animal welfare NGOs. Now in its second year, this event aims to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare within Malaysia which can only be achieved with the help of the public.

Sabrina Saw and her event partners

Sounds like fun! What activities will there be?

Pet Project Malaysia will be bringing in the top international and local dance, fitness and athletic names such as Tony Stone and Suzette Ackermann as well as various sport clinics and workshops for football, golf, rock climbing and other sports.

If you're into dancing (like me), then you don't want to miss this event and a chance to learn from Tony Stone himself. Here'a preview of what he'll be bringing to  the table.

But I don't do sports. What other activities will there be?

For those who aren't into getting down and dirty with sweat, don't worry! There will also be a carnival, shopping bazaar, auction, F&B, arts and crafts, animal welfare booths and many more things for you to see and do. So there are plenty of ways for you to spend your time and money for a good cause! NGOs will also be bringing a few animals for adoption so if you're thinking of adding a furkid to your family, do drop by!

Cool! So how much money do I need to bring?

A coupon system will be used at the event for everything. For example, a master class could range from 5-10 coupons per session while a rock climbing is 2 coupons per climb. Coupon books will be available for sale at RM50 per book on the day of the event.

All funds collected from coupon sales will be donated to participating NGOS. Alternatively, you can also drop by the NGO booths during the event to make a donation and to find out more on how you can help.

Okay, I am sold! When and Where?

Mark down these details:
Date: 23 March 2013, Saturday
Time: 9 - 6pm
Venue: The British International School of Kuala Lumpur

What can I do to sponsor or volunteer? 

As Pet Project Malaysia is a non-profit event, they are in need of sponsors and volunteers to help pull off this massive event. If you can help out, do contact them.

Where can I go for more info? 

Check out their website for more details by clicking on the image below!

Last question. Will you be there? 

Definitely! Look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Movie Review

This is a fairy tale we all grew up with. A story about two children, Hansel and Gretel who were abandoned in the woods and came upon a witch living in a cottage made of candy. She tries to eat them and they kill her by outwitting her. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters continues this classical story with dark humour and lots of action scenes. Not to mention, a plenty of blood and gore splattering the screen almost every ten minutes or so.

Thanks to Nuffnang and UIP, I managed to catch the premiere screening of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter.

After their first witch kill as children, Hansel and Gretel have found their calling in life as Hawkeye and Buffy witch hunters for hire and rather successful ones at that. Although still suffering from abandonment issues, work is relatively easy for the orphaned siblings as witches' spells and curses do not work against them.

When the children of Augsburg, Germany (the country of the Brothers Grimm) are taken by the powerful sorceress Muriel (Famke Janssen), the mayor hires the siblings to find the children and to kill the witches. And from there, the witch hunt commences.

Jeremy Renner as Hansel.
Admittedly I was a little skeptical about this movie seeing as there has been a trend of remaking classical fairy tales as movies in recent years. And I don't mean that in a Disney happy-ending-way. Just take a look at Amanda Seyfried's Red Riding Hood and Kirsten Stewart's Snow White. But because Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton were the titular characters and the main baddie was the former Jean Grey/Phoenix from the X-men trilogy, I placed Hansel and Gretel on my must-watch movie list for January 2013.

Gemma Arterton as Gretel.
Storyline was fairly predictable but the blend of humour and action keeps the audiences either laughing or flinching on behalf of the characters whenever they take a hit because the action scenes do not hold back on the beatings. Adds a sense of realism to the protagonists I suppose. As for the humour, it's not just in the deadpanned lines delivered perfectly by Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton but also in the subtle hints of popular cultural references throughout the movie that may or may not be making fun of other movies (or maybe that's just me).

Here are a few hints:
Edward is a troll.
The Blood Moon was also mentioned in another fairy tale-turned-movie.
A mother's love knows no boundaries (or movie-verse)

Famke Janssen as Muriel
Famke Janssen radiates badass as Muriel although I felt they overdid it with her witch appearence. Famke is a great actress and I think it would have added more dimensions to her character to play a witch in human skin instead of a blue-eyed, wrinkly banshee majority of the time. After all, she did play the most powerful character in the Marvel-verse (also decked out in leather, if I might add).

Would I watch it again?
Rated R for a good reason, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter serves up an entertaining dark comedy action movie with eyecandy for both guys and girls. However I did come out of the cinema wanting more as it felt as though something was missing. It doesn't excite me the way the Avengers did nor did it leave me intrigued like Inception. I don't know what yet but when I do know, I'll let you know.

But yeah, I would watch it again because it is not often I come across a movie that doesn't hold back on the blood and gore and that stars Jeremy Renner.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters hits the big screen on 24 January 2013.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chef & Brew@Bukit Damansara

If you're looking for a restaurant for an intimate gathering of friends and family, then Chef & Brew, Bukit Damansara might just be the place for you. My friend, Celine decided to celebrate her xx (shh, it's a secret) birthday there. 

As we were there on a Saturday night, parking was no issue. The restaurant itself wasn't full but had a consistent crowd coming in and leaving throughout the night. I guess we were the noisiest group there that night with the exception of a family with a wailing baby.

The restaurant consisted of an outdoor and indoor dining area, both offering a cosy and comfortable ambiance for you to just sit back, relax and eat. Our group was seated by a wall of ingredients, liqour and random items, resembling the backdrop setup of G3, Bangsar (or is it the other way around?)

Celine had worked out a fixed menu with the restaurant to cater to everyone's preference and the menu was as such:

To kick off the dinner, we were served with toasted bread and butter. I prefer buns over bread when in a restaurant and this bread just didn't do it for me too. It was too tough when bitten into, indicating the lack of freshness. The butter was yummy though.

CNB's Chilli Lamb was a letdown because it was too spicy and soaked in oil. It was served on a papadum which had 'masuk angin' and had soaked in the oil from the lamb curry.

CNB's Chilli Lamb

Cheese wanton & deep fried sotong
The cheese wanton and deep fried sotong wasn't too bad although the sotong was a tad too rubbery. The cheese wanton was my favourite appetizer, filled with delicious cheesy goodness.

Grilled Chicken fillet with roast sauce.
I ordered the grilled chicken with roast sauce. The sauce was too salty for my liking but the chicken fillet was perfectly cooked. I liked it so much I stole my sister's share. My mom and dad ordered the fish and chips and the spaghetti turkey ham and wild mushroom olio which were just above average. Nothing really stood out from these two dishes. 

Fish and chips
spaghetti turkey ham and wild mushroom oglio
Once everyone had settled in from the main course, the birthday celebration commenced with cake(s), a lot of picture taking and friendly banter.

Photo time!

We're all crazy people!
 We had many many flavours of Secret Recipe cakes and as usual, their cheesecakes do not disappoint. By the end of the night, we were all so full, rounded and happy....

Thank you, Celine for inviting my family and I for this special celebration and 

The birthday girl and her plate of many cakes!
While we were there, I could smell the sizzling steak from another table which smelt promising. Chef & Brew carries an extensive menu of western and local dishes at reasonable prices. Despite this so-so experience, I wouldn't mind coming back to Chef & Brew to try its sizzling steak and its desserts as I have heard good reviews of their desserts. Any takers?

Chef & Brew 
1 Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara, 50490
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2095 9799
Hours: 11am-late

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Schwarzkopf reveals its 2013 Ambassadors

I was recently invited for the unveiling of Schwarzkopf's ambassadors for 2013, held at the entrance of Aeon Big also known as Carrefour, Mid Valley. Hosted by the beautiful Julie Woon, dressed in a shimmering golden dress, it was a rather intimate affair with members of the media and bloggers present to find out who were the 10 winners of Schwarzkopf Ambassador Search 2012.

Throughout 2012, Schwarzkopf held road shows for six weeks at major colleges and universities in the Klang Valley and out of that, 243 young students participated. The ten winners were selected based on having a complete wholesome package of a fashionable style, charismatic personality and creativity in penning slogans that stood out.

The search officially came to an end with the announcement of the 10 Schwarzkopf Ambassadors. The winners were introduced to the crowd and were met with a scattering applause and flashing cameras. I could hear a lot of people remarking how pretty and cute they were.

Ooi Joshua
Loo Lynn Shia
Tan Xue Fen
Yap Foo Khiew
Shalini Nair
Lee Sing Yee
 To me, Lee Sing Yee stood out the most due to her drastic change from an Ah-Lian appearance to a classy 'Hong Kong-star' look as Julie had described her. It's amazing how the right hairstyle can make a difference to a person. Furthermore Sing Yee really knows her poses and facial angles as she strutted down the catwalk for the cameras. I wouldn't be surprised if a modelling agency approaches her after this.

Toh Han Ying
Tan Jia Tong
Nik Azrul Aimanshah b. Ibrahim

Schwarzkopf Ambassadors will be receiving a year's supply of Schwarzkopf haircare and styling products as well as will be appearing at future events and activities on behalf of the renowned hair brand.

"We trust they will be able to represent Schwarzkopf well." said Mr. Markus Daburger, General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care for Malaysia and Singapore at the ceremony.

Thanks, Isabel, Rabiatul and Jay Mee for inviting me along. To Cindy and Lisa, it was so nice to finally meet you in person. And thank you, Schwarzkopf for the hair products because my hair is in constant dire need of repair serums!

Schwarzkopf Products
Schwarzkopf retail products, which includes hair care products (Extra Care series), hair colouration products (Freshlight and Palette) and styling products (Got2b series), are available at prices that won't break your bank at all 26 Aeon BIG hypermarkets formerly known as Carrefour and selected supermarkets and pharmacies.

 To find out more about the Schwarzkopf, its products and its 10 new ambassadors, tune in to the Schwarzkopf Malaysia Facebook page

Monday, January 14, 2013

Somersby RM10,000 Giveaway Event

Beer has never been my thing. I am not like some people who can chug it down glass after glass or bottle after bottle as though it was water. The funny thing is, my parents are beer drinkers and my sister can be called beer connoisseur (she can taste the differences in all beer brands) but me? One sip and I want to chop off my tongue. I suppose I just can't handle the taste.

Which is why when Somersby Apple Cider was brought to Malaysia in July 2012, I was sure I found my new best friend. The launch was held at La Bodega, Pavilion where my dance studio was invited to perform a flashmob. Three times. It was super exhausting.You can read about it at my fellow dancer's blog here. Thank goodness for the bottomless supply of apple cider after the performances.

About six months later after the launch, Somersby decided to give away RM10,000 worth of prizes to their loyal drinkers customers. After a month long 'count the apples' contest on Facebook, those who guessed the correct amount were invited to the finale event at Limoncello Bristo & Bar, KLCC.

The event was scheduled to begin at 730pm but by 7pm, early birds were seen sipping on their first pint of cold apple cider. I met up with Senri and Serge and like three weasels, started eying the prizes and plotting who to murder/bribe butter up to in order to win.
Taken from Somersby Facebook
Glasses of Somersby started to accumulate on our table as the night wore on and we were joined by Senri and Serge's friends. Bola jokes were thrown back and forth every time the waiter came by with meatballs and deep fried cheese balls. All I can say is, Serge really liked his meatballs.We were also served with canapes, pizza and panna cotta which looked like cheese with tomato sauce... but it was good!

Sorry, No pictures of our food because we were all too busy inhaling it to catch up with our drinking.

The emcee inviting Mr Yee for a speech.

Somersby's brand manager, Mr Yee gave a speech, thanking everyone present for their continuous support before proceeding to draw out the lucky draw prizes. Apart from gadgets and shopping vouchers, RM200 vouchers were also given out to those who wanted to donate to a charity of their choice.

Here are the list of winners: 

 iPhone 5
Koo Foong Luen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Yong Carmen

Nikon D3100 
Tay Boon Seng

Shirley Tan

RM 100 Jusco Voucher
 Loo Yi Ni
Quah Ban Chuan
  Lee Huey Ying
  Lim Yee Pee
Phuah Zheng Dhong, Dylan
  Nicole Tam Nyet Yun
Ong Ying Sze
  Lee Hwee Meng, Joanne
  Pong Weng Heng
  Fu Foon Ying

RM 200 Jusco Voucher for Charity
Lionel Goh
  Evelyn Foo
Vathani Panirchellvum
Stephy Wong Kar Yen
Kang Koon Min
Joanne Gan Xiao Min
Benjamin Kang Koon Min
Jong Shu Fui
Tee Ming Hui
Jecilis Ching Khai Chien
  Tee Yih Ling
Carrie Anne Long


 As you can see, I was not one of the lucky ones so to console myself, I tried drinking enough glasses of Somersby to make up for my loss. Because Somersby only contained 4.5% alcohol, I managed to tuck in about 7 glasses before the event officially wrapped up at 10pm. First time ever a booze event concluded early...

Cool refreshing apple cider for a hot Malaysian night.
Taken from Somersby Facebook
 We were all given four bottles of Somersby each as door gifts which got Senri, Serge and I a fair amount of stares on the way home in the LRT....

With Chinese New Year around the corner, you can stock up on your Somersby from Carrefour, Giant , Aeon Jusco, BIG, Jaya Grocer, Tesco and Mercato. For more information, just drop a comment on their Facebook page here: Somersby Malaysia.

Here's to a fun night!
Taken from Somersby Facebook

Friday, January 11, 2013

Doodle my Phone Cases

Back when my dad was stationed in Bangkok, I went there so often that it felt like I should apply for dual citizenship with Thailand. I loved it there. The people, the streets, the food (oh, the food!) and of course the shopping.

And there was one thing I would always buy whenever I was there. Handphone casings for my iPhone. The designs were endless and not to mention, dirt cheap especially if you know how to bargain or plan to buy them in bulk. You can get a simple casing for only 100baht (RM10) or at most 250baht (RM25) for the more intricate designs.

Then my relationship with Bangkok came to an end when my dad ended his contract there and came back to Malaysia permanently. That meant no more cheap pretty hand phone casings for me because those found in Malaysia, original are freaking expensive!

On top of that, I just got myself an iPhone 4S and the casing that came with it was swiped by my dad for his own iPhone....which left my phone butt naked.

As luck would have it, right about the same time, my friend Senri announced her blog collaboration with Doodle Cases, a blogshop that specialises in reasonable fancy phone casings and accessories.

Living by their motto is 'Affordability and Variety. Because your gadgets need to dress up too!', I did find several (read: a lot) of eye-catching designs for my new phone. And at prices that won't break my bank account.

pic from Doodle Cases.
 As you can imagine, I went a little crazy in selecting and ordering my designs.I even forced persuaded my mom to order one for her Samsung. So I made the order via email and paid via Maybank2U. While I opted for delivery by poslaju, Doodle Cases also does COD. Now that's hassle-free!

pic from Doodle Cases.
I initially ordered four cases for myself and one for mummy dearest. But unfortunately, the Iron Man design I wanted was out of stock and they didn't know when it would be coming in. Instead of keeping quiet about it, the owner contacted me immediately to inform me. I told her I didn't mind waiting for it.
A week later, she emailed me again with an update and recommended refunding me the amount for the Iron Man case as their supplier has no idea when stocks would be in. Could be days, weeks or months. So this time, I agreed to it and within two days, the refund was made and my casings were on the way. Talk about honest efficiency.
A few days later, a package arrived for me and like a small kid, I tore it open!

And here they are! Captain America (RM32), Elegant purple with gold sides (RM22) and the Autumn Trees (RM38) are for my iPhone while the red polka dotted (RM32) is for my mom's Samsung.

Autumn trees

Purple (crack is on the outer cover not the casing)
Zombie Captain America
Cath Kidston-inspired.
The total damage would have come up to RM130 for all four plus delivery charges but thanks to Senri, I got them at a discounted price. And so can you too, by hopping over to her blog to get the special discount code. Just quote the code when making your order to get the discount. It's that simple!
So here's how to again:
Step 1: Go to Journey of the Little Biscuit blog and find the post with the code.
Step 2: Go to Doodle Cases and pick your favourite phone design(s).
Step 3: Email Doodle Cases with your order and the code.
Step 4: Make your payment and wait for your cases to arrive. 
Besides handphone casings, Doodle Cases also have accessories for your phones and iPads. 
Starbucks ear caps.
 Happy Phone-accessory/casing Shopping!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Shills Luxurious Bulgarian Rose Skincare Launch

Roses are red (or pink), 
Violets are blue,
My skin is looking dull,
Thank goodness for Shills' Luxurious Bulgarian Rose skincare range.

Okay, there is a reason why I am not a poet but my skin has been looking dull and dry lately. In fact, just a few days before this event, my mom commented that my skin looked like....well, crap. So naturally when I got to the venue of Shills' new product launch and got a goodie bag filled with skincare goodness, I was delighted! Talk about perfect timing.

The launch of Shills Luxurious Bulgarian Rose skincare range saw the quint Gardens Lifestyle Cafe, Mid Valley transformed into a garden of pink and white roses. Guests and bloggers were dressed in line with the theme of the event which was white and/or pink.

The event opened with an energetic jive and cha cha dance performance by two young dancers from William & Luisa Dance World (I used to take dance classes under Auntie Luisa a long time ago.)

The emcee did a quick introduction of Shills before inviting beauty specialist, Ms. Eva forward for a skincare demonstration. Armed with helpful tips on making the most of the new range, Eva highlighted several products of Shills's newest Luxurious Bulgarian Rose Skincare:

  • Rose Essential Hydrating Toner (RM 59 for 250ml)
  • Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream (RM 118 for 20ml)
  • Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream ( RM 99 for 50ml)
  • Rose Petal Jelly Mask (RM 99 for 70ml)
  • Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask (RM 99 for 10 pairs)
  • Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream (RM 99 for 50ml)
  • Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier (RM 79 for 250ml)
  • Rose Essential Cleansing Gel (RM 79 for 100ml)
  • Rose Luxury Essence (RM 99 for 30ml)

The key ingredient to Shill's latest skincare series are the petals of the fragrant Bulgaria Damascus Rose that can only be found in an area surrounding Kazanlak, Bulgaria called the Valley of Roses (which sounds like a mystical place in a RPG game). In order to obtain just 1kg of rose oil, 4000 petals have to be handpicked before noon as the weather can affect the quality of the flower. No wonder this ingredient is dubbed liquid gold.

Luxurious Bulgarian Rose Skincare

Shills' Bulgarian Rose Skincare range is free of chemicals and alcohol to ensure that only the purest form of rose oil is sustained to keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. Ms Eva mentioned that the Rose Petal Jelly Mask can be consumed if you're really hungry curious. One of the bloggers, Cindy took her up on that claim and tried a little (very little) to see what it tasted like. The verdict: honey.

What I liked about this range is that you don't need to apply a lot to tend to your face daily. A small drop about 20 or 50 cent (the old coins) will suffice. It can be used for other things as well. For instance, after using the Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye mask, don't throw it away. Soak it in a cup of water and you can use it to wash your feet or just leave it in your bathroom to enjoy its rody scent.

To wrap up the launch, the emcee had a Q&A session with the audience. Several ladies returned home with additional products from the newly launched range. As for me, I was quite pleased with the Rose Essential Hydrating Toner, a Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care set and a Black Bamboo Charcoal Mask that came in my goodie bag.

Shills' Luxurious Bulgarian Rose skincare range is available at all SaSa stores nationwide or at the Shills website.