Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hotshots Coffee & Tea, Solaris Dutamas

Admittedly, finding this place was a challenge. It is like one of those elusive treasure islands that you see from a distance but when you try to navigate your way to it, all bearings are lost. But that is due to the confusing layout of Publika. HotShots Coffee and Tea is on the first floor of Solaris Dutamas, facing the main road and along the same row as Pappa Rich.

HotShots gives off the feeling of coming home to the smell of fresh brewed coffee as you walk into a well-furnished warm and inviting kitchen/dining room area with a black marble island table in the middle. While one side of the table made up the coffee brewing area, the other was a sunny homey space with high-chairs and sofa seating. There is also outdoor seating on the balcony walkway overlooking the busy road. This is the kind of place you could just sit and relax for hours either catching up with friends or just doing your work.

The owner and founder of HotShots, Pooi Ling is a welcoming face to her regulars. She knows her everyday customers by name, routine and coffee preference. This is because she is often the one brewing the coffee for you. It's very comforting when the owner of a coffee establishment knows her coffee and what she is doing.


On her recommendation, I had a cappuccino (RM8) as a quick pick-me-up. Velvety smooth with the right balance of fresh espresso, steaming hot milk and thick milk foam. The quality of the coffee beans was evident as I could taste the distinctive bitterness to it and the instant kick of the caffeine that kept me buzzed throughout the day.

I have been dying to try out their famous Caramel Affogato (RM12) because it has everything I love in one simple dish. Forty Licks salted caramel ice-cream with piping hot double espresso. Pooi Ling was kind enough to accommodate my request and it was oh-so good! Hot and cold blended well together to emphasize the flavors of the sweet, mildly salted ice-cream mixed with bitter pure espresso. It was pure bliss in my mouth.

Their Seriously Rich Hot Chocolate (RM10) was also highly recommended by many blogs and I could see why when I sipped on it. It was seriously rich but the sides of marshmallows, strawberries and boudoir biscuit helped tone it down and gave a nice change of texture of the creamy yummy chocolate.

I recently discovered a love for scones and have been on the lookout for good scones. It turned out HotShots was also known for their homemade Fluffy Raisin Scone (RM5.50) with strawberries and clotted cream. Best accompanied by tea, I selected the Rooibos Creme Caramel (RM9) to go with it. With a hot sweet-scent tea in hand, I dove into my scone and piled on the strawberry jam and cream.

The scone was crumbly and buttery and generously filled with raisin bits. My only vice was the cream as it was too watery for the scone. Pooi Ling explained to me, she recently switched cream brands for a change and realising this problem, told she would be switching back to the original. So scone-lovers, fret not.

While I was there, two customers walked in and ordered the Swiss and Belgium Chocolate Brownies (RM14.90). It looked so heavenly that I was tempted to have one but I was too stuffed by then and would have to save it for a second visit. 

Although located at a foodie hot spot, HotShots Coffee and Tea is not presumptuous with its prices or its menu selections. Instead, it chooses to concentrate on the quality of all its offerings, ensuring that customers are served with only the best coffee, tea, desserts and sandwiches. For coffee-fanatics, you can also purchase your own coffee machine and coffee beans as HotShots also carries several imported brands for you to choose from. Of course, tea-drinkers are not left out as Hotshots also have a wide selection of tea range from Teapigs UK, all with their own health benefits. 

My only dissatisfaction with HotShots is that it only opens on weekdays from 9am-6pm. According to Pooi Ling, the decision to keep to office hours is because most of her current clientele are those working in the area and on weekends, that particular stretch of Solaris was quiet and void of people.

But if enough people petitioned hard enough and swear on their life to frequent the cafe on weekends, Pooi Ling might consider opening up HotShots for those looking for their coffee and dessert fix on Saturday and Sunday.

I want to thank Pooi Ling for the generous invitation to review HotShots and for personally serving and putting up with my requests. I know I will be back for more Caramel Affogato and to try out the brownie and sandwiches.

For more photos on yummy HotShot's offering, check out my Facebook album here.

HotShots Coffee and Tea
A2-UG1-07, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1300-888-138
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm, Mon - Fri
Closed on weekends and public holidays (unless stated on FB)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Hotshots1300888138?fref=ts 
Webpage:  http://www.hotshotscoffeeandtea.com 

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