Monday, May 20, 2013

I am Hoarder

Hi, my name is Tania and I am a clothes hoarder/shopaholic.
New cupboard.
Last week, my whole family had new cupboards installed into our respective bedrooms and we had to empty out our wardrobes. I, um, did it the lazy way and just stuffed everything into big black rubbish plastic bags, discovering in the process that I had 3 bags of pants and skirts, 4 bags of tops and shirts, a rack worth of dresses and jackets and about 3 bags of bags.

My clothes - skeletons in my closet.
Where the heck all these clothes came from, I have no idea but I suspect those numerous trips to Bangkok in the past two years have finally caught up with me. I can't help it! When I bought them, they looked so pretty on the mannequin and I always had that imaginary event I thought I could wear them to!
Plastic bags of clothes.
It will be a long process sorting out my clothes and I have no real plan as to what to do with them. Some will probably go to charity homes and I could sell off some. If you have any tips as to how to go about this, do share. At the meantime, as a heads-up, you might catch me wearing the same attire a couple of times over the next few days as the bulk of my clothes will be sorted out then....

Don't judge me. 
My cat is horrified.

Kinda wishing this was the SIMS game where I could just sell off my clothes with the click of a button....

Peace out.

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