Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I want to attend the Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

Hey, guys!

I know my updates have on the low-down of late but I have just been so busy juggling university assignments with my blog and the occasional freelance work. Even now, I am in the middle of class, trying to pay attention to my lecturer while trying to type out this post  ....on my tiny iPhone. Multitasking level over9000! unlocked.

So as you can tell, I am super stressed out.

I just died....
Come 31 July 2013, I shall be free from my motherload of a thesis and assignments! But until then, you will most likely see me nibbling on my nails (bad habit I know...), staring zombie-like at my computer screen as I stress-eat on chocolates and ice-cream with stacks of ideology, cultural, feminist and nerd academic books as my pillow and my cat as my unwilling stress ball. (I know Senri agrees with me)

God, the mere thought of that depresses me....where's my kitty?

Which is why I really need one day-out just to pamper myself and to just hang out with fun people. Which is why I really want to go for the Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

On this one special day, 50 bloggers and vloggers will get a chance to trod around in bath robes and flip flops while being treated to manicures, pampering sessions, indulge on sweet goodies while taking goofy and memorable photos at this fun event.

And none of this would be possible without the Butterfly Project and their generous collaborators:

The event will be at the elegant and neighbourhood-friendly Posh! nail salon in Taman Tun. They have one more outlet in SS2 too, by the way, if you are looking for a hassle-free place to beautify yourself.

Yummy food and beverages will be provided by Idea Food Solutions that can cater to all occasions ranging from weddings to birthday events to corporate events.
 Precious and memorable photos of this event can be captured with the help of Fotobox. You know we girls just love taking pictures of ourselves with our girlfriends. And no, camwhoring isn't going to be enough this time.

Tres Chic Party Planner
 Tres Chic has been tasked with the job of turning Posh! Nail Spa into a pamper-wonder-spa of purple and pink and looking at her impressive portfolio on her site, Posh! will be in good hands. 

Ah, Body Shop. Love their no-testing-on-animals policy for their makeup and body products and the active campaigns they have initiated throughout the years. That alone gains my support for them.

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®
Aw, so nostalgic! I will always have the fond memory of Johnson's scent when I was a baby.
Of course, what would a laid back pampering spa session be without flip flops? Also in conjunction with this spa party, Havaianas is also having their own 'Havaianas Experience' contest where lucky bloggers will get a pair of their own pair of flip flop! Check out my entry here!

Clothing online boutique will also be participating this event with their fashionable style and trendy clothings. Gosh, I am so tempted to do some online therapy shopping now...

TT Mask Malaysia
The latest beauty mask brand to hit the market and definitely here to stay. I've tried their mask and they were soooooooooo goooood....

Subscribe to OnlyBeauty and you have a chance to have beauty freebies and vouchers delivered to your doorstep. Neat, huh!

Now that you know of how awesome the collaborators are, doesn't that make you want to be a part of this even more? I know I do and here's why:

REASON #1: To de-stress.
Simple as that. I just need a day of fun and good company for me to get my writing mojo back on. My assignments have been draining the life out of me the same way our government has been draining the people's funds and I am currently brain-dead. This spa party will just be the thing I need to revive me and my nails will definitely need the help after all my stress nail-biting (I swear I will stop!)

REASON #2: Preparation for Standard Chartered KL Run. 
Standard Chartered KL run is the day after the spa party and I will be running 10km for the first time in ages. So instead overdoing the training, the best way to prepare one's self is to treat my body to a much-deserved pampering session. That and I can flash my newly manicured and polished nails at the event photographer at the run and become 'ridiculously perfectly manicured' runner.

REASON #3: Be more involved in blogging community
Because of university workloads, I have been unable to participate as much as I would like in the blogging community especially for events organised by the Butterfly Project. I did get to review TT Brightening Cooling mask and also attend the Bag of Love Unzipping Party held in April and that seemed to be about it for me. And I could only indulge the blogger-in-me by stalking following  the exciting write-ups by other butterflies. So I told myself I would become more active in my blogging and get to meet and befriend more fellow bloggers at this event. And who knows, maybe next time, I can be a part of the organizing committee and organize an event for bloggers too! I like getting involved that way.

And there you have it. Three reasons for wanting to attend this event. So fingers (and toes) crossed, hope I get to be a part of this fun gathering with 49 other lovely butterflies! 
If you are a blogger, do join in the fun and take part ya! For more information, go here:
Have a happy day ahead! 


little miss smexy said...

I feel u cz i have assignments overloads and miss butterfly project previous events ╯▂╰

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