Wednesday, June 5, 2013

b.tempt'd by Wacoal Launch, KLCC

Matching vibrants
Last week, thanks to the Butterfly Project, I was invited to the launch of the b.tempt'd underwear brand in Malaysia at Isetan, KLCC. Now, as we all should know over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders, otherwise known as bras, are an essential to all girls. How would I know? Because I am a girl, that's why and I have these!

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What? I like watermelons.
Back to the event.

Well-aware of our needs for comfort and style, especially amongst young girls and women, Japan bra brand Wacoal has brought in b.tempt'd.

b.tempt'd model.

Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia
In attendance at the event was Mr Takashi Watanabe, the Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia who announced that, after 10 years in Malaysia, it was time for Wacoal to bring in the well-received b.tempt'd that had originated from the United States. Opened to its loyal consumers, media members and the blogging community, the event saw a flourish of sweet purple balloons, a crane-candy machine and a sexy dance performance that embodied b.tempt'd. 
Official launch ceremony.
Energetic in purple.
Having fun at the crane machine.
The range boast an array of iconic collections consisting of colourful bras and matching undies that are soft, form-fitting and bust-pushing. The How Gorgeous collection offers a desirable contour while the'd promises to wow you with its bust-pushing feature. For the young at heart, Hip and Chic features vibrant colours and prints.

Pretty peach.

Isabel liking the comfort factor.
Priced at RM119, b.tempt'd is now available at Wacoal Young counters at Isetan KLCC and Isetan One Utama. Here is a glimpse of their collection in the months to come.

Soon available in markets.

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