Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Havaianas Experience!

Hey, guys!

Remember two of my previous entries about a spa party organized by the Butterfly Project and a collaborative contest by Havaianas? Well, I am pleased to announced that I am one of the 20 bloggers to get their own pair Havaianas Slim Flip Flops to wear to the spa party. Now say it with me....YAY!!!

With fellow winner, Senri Ning, we headed down to Pavilion on a hazy Saturday afternoon to redeem our Flip Flops and also to look for a bathrobe for the party on 29 June. The Havaianas outlet was located on the 4th Floor, near Padini Concept and was impossible to miss due to the slippers creatively crafted into window decorations.

The staffs at the store were most helpful and accommodating to our requests to take photos of the store and of colorful and unique slippers on the shelves. Havaianas have slippers catering to just about anyone and everyone with dainty and elegant designs for the ladies, playful and sweet for kids and fun and sporty for the guys. They also have glow-in-the-dark flip-flops!

The Slim collection comes in a burst of vibrant colors but unfortunately, the Pavilion outlet only had six color to pick from; sand grey/light golden, white, pop pink, black, grey/silver and dark brown.

Sand grey and pop pink.
Senri and I quickly narrowed down our choices to sand grey and pop pink because they were the most elegant and eye-catching colors respectively. The staff who served us was quite patient with us in getting our sizes and colors, although I bet he was bemused by how many pictures we were taking and the lengths we would go through for a good shot.

Which color suits us best?

Maathe the turtle likes pinky too.

After much consideration (of the clothes I have at home and of my red car and handbag) I decided that the pop pink was the best to accessorize my wardrobe. The shimming straps provided a subtle touch of chic to an otherwise simple and comfortable pair of flip flops and what more could you ask for from a pair of slippers.

Pretty pink.
I wore my Havaianas home and on the way to the KLCC LRT, many pedestrians kept glancing at my feet. If that wasn't verification that I had picked the right color, I don't know what is. Now the only other thing I need is a pedicure to beautify my toe nails to match my new pink flip flops.

"Yay, party in my slippers!"
 As for which color Senri picked, just wait for her post to reveal her choice!

For more photos of our fun experience, check out my album here.

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