Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indonesia: Bali Day 2 (Part 1) - Ubud by Foot

I love Ubud. Quite possibly even more than Kuta. I love how simple the road is, it's just one long road that has everything including a Starbucks! That's right, Ubud has a Starbucks. But I am getting ahead of myself.

After a day of temples, monkeys and rice field with our guides from Febris Bali Tour, we only had the morning to explore Ubud after a slow and leisurely breakfast. From our hotel, we headed into town and it took us only 10 minutes by foot. Walking on the street can be quite dangerous though as there was no pedestrian walkway on the very narrow roads. However, the locals seem quite adapted at dodging us. To be safe, we struck to the edge as close as we could.

Just along one stretch of road, we saw plenty and even went off the beaten path to find a rice field in the backyard of several houses. The Starbucks was in the highest building on the street and you can't miss it as it was next to a glorious temple with a pond and a cafe as well.

We passed an Art Museum that offers a lunch meal at their cafe and the entrance fee as a set. But we didn't go in as we were more mesmerized by our surroundings (and also, because we didn't have time). The architectures of the street was a hidden jem and I enjoyed photographing every simple corner and angle of it.

My mission for Ubud was to find the famous Ibu Oka Babi Guling. There were several outlets in Ubud alone and based on my research, I was no where near the original but from what I remembered from my previous trip years ago, there was an outlet next to a temple opposite the Ubud Palace.

It turned out that the Ibu Oka outlet had moved into a bigger and nicer location nearby. There were signs to show you the way and they would lead you into a dead-end street that continued on into an alley. The main treasure was at the end of this alley.

As we were short of time and were still full from breakfast, we ordered our Babi Guling to go which was a bad idea. Packed away in syrofoam boxes, the meat and skin looses its flavour or maybe it just wasn't the same without the spices and rice that usually accompanies it. My friends were not impressed although I told them it would have tasted nicer if we had eaten there.

We found our way to Ubud marketplace where we did some quick sourvenir shopping before heading back to our hotel. Checkout was strictly at 12pm and our driver from Bali Joe's Tour was due to arrive around that time.

Joe who picked us up from the airport on the first night, was the one to greet us at the lobby. He loaded our luggage into the van and after checking out, we were off to Kuta!

Bye, Ubud. I will be back to explore more of you.

To contact Bali Joe and find out what other services he offers, head on over to his website here.

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