Thursday, January 29, 2015

Food Galore @ Jaya One SunDay Out

Warning: The following post might will induce hunger. Please be advised. 

Food truck hunt have become a sort of a thing amongst foodies but hunting down the latest must try truck in the (night) market can be exhausting unless one is diligently monitoring their whereabouts. Fret not because now you get the yummiest food trucks in one location. In case you didn't know, Jaya One has been organising a 'Sun Day Out' every (you guessed it!) Sunday from 10am to 4pm since August 2014 and this means many many many options of food and drinks for the grumbling tummies!

Thanks to an invitation from Sharon of Jaya One, I get to feast my eyes and tastebuds on the aforementioned many many many options of food and drinks from these food trucks – OMFJ!, SpagMe, Wheeloaf, Big Hug Burger, Qgastrotruck, dr. Mak Rony Grilled Burger, Crazy Potato, Little Fat Duck and Cowboys Food Truck.

Let's get started, shall we? Here are some of my recommendations.

Might Beef Panini sandwich by Wheeloaf is da bomb diggity! Panini bread is toasted just perfectly with a crispy outside and soft bread inside and the pulled beef inside soaked with just the right amount of barbeque sauce, cheddar cheese and lettuce leaves left me hankering for more after the review. I should thank Elie for recommending this as her exact words to me were, "You have got try this. It could be on par with Epicuro's pulled pork sandwich!'

Dammit, I am salivating now...

Moving on, I now present to you....Auspicious Nian Gao Burger from Big Hug Burger. That's right, peeps! Nian Gao in a burger with a slice of cheese atop it. Think of it as a Chinese New Year special with the sticky sweet rice cake making a lovely crunchy patty.

The Soft Shelled Crab Burger has everything I like in a burger. Charcoal buns, checked. Soft shelled crab, checked and finally mayonnaise with fish roe, super checked!

Let's take a brief breather from the sights of delicious food and let's talk drinks. Specifically fruit juice from OMFJ. Having only just started going on a healthy-eating streak, I have even started blending my own fruit juices with disastrous results but OMFJ has taken juicing to the next level with unique combinations such as their delicious Lavender Romance - a mix of orange, blueberries, lavender and honey. Swoon....colour me in love....For a sourish but refreshing option, we also had the Purple Tango - dragon fruits, oranges and sour plum. I would also recommend their Jose Delights which was a mix of pineapples, cucumber with honey and mint leaves. My first time willingly trying a cucumber blended drink and...I liked it. 

Anyway, back to food. SpagMe offers a variety of good old fashion pasta dishes in manageable portions at affordable prices. I quite enjoyed the spicy dory with spaghetti as it was cooked aglio olio style. The chicken pasta was good too with the meat juicy and succulent with flavour. Could have done without the skin though or made the chicken a tad crisper for a crunchy bite. 

I didn't know Crazy Potato was mobile on trucks. Imagine my surprise when I saw their truck at Jaya One with their juicy mouthwatering fries and sauce. Really, it's their sauces that makes all the difference in a simple snack like fries.

There are tons of other food trucks available at Sun Day out at Jaya One but at this point, my stomach was stuffed. Time to move on to dessert.

For something sweet and not so heavy, Sun Day Out is also home to an array of homemade food vendors Cheryl Bakes, Crzypuff, MY Square Q, The OVEN Diary, Room 203, Andy’s BBQ, Sweet Surrender, Jar of Goodness and Crumb Cravings. Be sure to look out for...

Jar of Goodness and their easy to carry around meals in a jar. Equipped with utensils, they offered both sweet and savoury jars of delights. Go for the banana one for a quick morning pick me up.

Okay, so who here can say no to brownies? Certainly not me. 

With waffles being the latest food trend to hit the scene, it's no surprise that Jaya One's Sun Day Out offered waffles too. None of those funny combinations though, just simple flavoured waffles, cooked upon order with a crispy outside and soft inside.

Those who know me will tell you that I am a creme brulee junkie, constantly on the prowl for delicious burnt sugar over creamy custard. So naturally I was thrilled when I found Crumb Cravings' mini creme brulee servings at only RM2. Besides that, Crumb Cravings dishes out some pretty good nasi pulut with beef rendang as well.

I am giving the Oven Diary a special nod because their Nutella cookies are to die for! Presented in cutesy handcrafted jars, their cookies are perfect as gifts. Another flavour I would recommend is the minty cookie. Instant hit of refreshing mint at first bite.

There were so many other vendors at Sun Day Out but sadly my tummy can only take so much. Room 203 has awesome coffee by the way at only RM5 for a simple no-fuss, no-sugar-needed cup of coffee. Totes recommended dropping by just for that.

Moving forward, Jaya One and The School aims to introduce even more enriching experiences for both parents and children by bringing in handpicked vendors that offer extensive range of fun learning programmes come this March.

For more information about ‘Sun Day Out’ at The School, visit please visit The School’s website at or Facebook page at

So anyone planning to drop by Sun Day Out anytime soon, give me a ring and I am there!

Thanks, Jaya One, Sharon and Ah Bok for the invitation and for stuffing us full!

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