Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shokudo Japanese Curry Rice, Seapark review

Hello April! Everyone has been waiting anxiously for you! And not for a good reason, thanks to GST.

In other news, PJ kaki no longer need to brave traffic and crowd for their japanese curry fix because a new restaurant specialising in such has just opened up in Petaling Jaya!

Seapark Petaling Jaya would be the last place anyone would expect to find a restaurant that specialises in Japanese Curry but with the opening of Shokudo, there ya go!

I love the airy ambiance of the place, brightly lilted with elements and touches of Japan's decoration lining the walls as selves. The cups used for the refillable green tea vary in design which is good to avoid mixing up your drinks with your friend's.

To start, we ordered their grilled butter potato which was da bomb. Simple yet so delicious. It had me craving for more even after the Japanese curry rice. 

Now on to the Japanese curry rice. There are a variety of order from and it's not just rice as shokudo also offers udon with curry. The meat topping can consist of pork, chicken or even just vegetables. As always, I went for the pork, the hire katsu curry rice while my sister ordered the tonkatsu, a slightly different version of it.

I would admit, the pork fillet didn't disappoint with a thin crunch crust of breadcrumbs deep fried to perfection without sucking the moisture and flavour dry from the meat. The simple curry was on the mild side so don't expect to be wheezing your way through a meal. 

All in all, Shokudo's Japanese curry rice was the ideal comfort meal if you are not looking for the spicy kind. I enjoyed their green tea as there was a roasted taste to it and was served hot from the flask. I went back for three refills I think. 

Besides rice and udon, Shokudo also boast salad, edamame and fried karaage as snacks. 

With a homey ambiance matched with a warming meal, Shokudo will be the place to hit on a cold rainy day. 

Opening hours: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm (Tuesday-Sunday) 
Address: no 9, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramont, Seapark. 
Tel: 03-78630922

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