Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer at Starbucks

Summer has arrived at Starbucks!

And by summer I mean pretty sweet looking, colourful tumblers and mugs as well as new drinks to beat the famous Malaysia heat (or rainy days, the weather is so unpredictable nowadays). Oh, and like with all Starbucks tumblers paid with a Starbucks card, one Summer collection merchandise will get you a free grande-sized drink.

Besides that, Starbucks has also introduced two new drinks with a Panna cotta based. Upon recommendation from the barista, I ordered their Summer Berries Panna Cotta frappacino.

It was...sourish and rather filling thanks to the pudding-liked base. Not too bad but I'll miss their Raspberry Mocha simply because it was the perfect blend for a sweet and sour caffein fix. So Starbacks Malaysia, if you are reading this, could you bring it back and make it a permanent drink on the menu? And while you are at, bring back the Valencia, Zest muffin and earl grey tea cheesecake too. Amen. 

Now where was I...oh yeah. If you are a Starbacks card collector, then the summer card is a must. It is rather pretty with delicate colourful patterns. 

So there ya have it folks. From one Starbucks fan to another, go for it. 

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