Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear Chibi Me...

Dear Chibi Me,

You will be/are/have celebrating/celebrated your 7th 21st Birthday. Looking back at everything I've accomplished to this day, you would be proud. I would believe I've become someone you can look forward to becoming. Someone you can aspire to be.

Granted you will not be getting a 5 figure salary at this age but that's okay because what you're making now, it's enough to let you do what you love and see the world with the people closest to you and who shares the same interest. It's enough to let you eat well and appreciate budget food and planning lunches in advance. It's enough.

Work isn't everything. You will be glad your colleagues at current place of employment knows that. Not many places or people do. But every place you have worked, you have learnt and survived. Boy, did you learn and experienced. You have your parents to thanks for bringing you up a fighter and not a quitter.

You aren't skinny or flaunting the body of a super star but you are happy and comfortable with the body God has given you. It ain't perfect. It is a work in progress and it's a healthy journey to embark on with encouraging like-minded people. You still love food. Don't ever forget your love for good food.

Dear Chibi Me,

By this age, you would have got to Japan your dream country twice, chilled out in Maldives and carried a Koala in Australia! You would have ran two half marathons (with minimal training, not advisable) and conquered obstacle races across the ocean. You would have rope-climbed after three years of failure and such an accomplishment is something to cherish and savour. That's living.

You can still do cart-wheels, having fearlessly learnt them when you were 7. You can still run and now climb walls. You can still swim and dance. You are healthy. That's something to be thankful for.

Happy Birthday, Me. By becoming the awesome person I am today, that's my present to young cute Chibi me.

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