Friday, July 10, 2015

Tino's Pizza, Midvalley review

Brought to you by the founder of Chatime’s, Bryan Loo, Tino’s Pizza has found its roots in Mid Valley Megamall as a café that serves fast and delicious pizza, savoury and sweet. At lunch and dinner time, it gets fairly crowded. Their menu is simple and limited but nevertheless exciting. It was shaped like a flat pan on which most of their specialties are served on. I found it to be quite a nice rustic touch to this little café.

Their Mr Tino’s Pizza quickly becomes my meal of choice although Tino’s do offer focaccia bread, paella rice as well as dessert pizza and snacks as well. We were given the option of either chicken or beef and having grown up believing in beef pepperoni pizza, we ordered beef for ours. We also wanted to the Tino’s Wings but that was sold out and we settled for the next odd thing on the menu; Peanut Butter Fries.

Now knowing Tino’s was owned by the founder of Chatime, I opted for their milk tea wondering if they would bring it over from their sister company just a few meters away. It didn’t and their milk tea seemed frothier and less sweet in comparison to Chatime’s version. I loved it as it warmed my belly right before our Peanut Butter fries arrived.

Now this was a weird dish with a hearty drizzle of peanut butter drizzled over a basket of French fries and a dip of beef bacon on the side. Say, what now? However it worked. It may be weird but the magical combination that was fries drizzled with delicious peanut butter worked. It could have even been served without the bacon as it was just that yummy. I would dub this a guilty pleasure dish.

And finally Mr Tino’s himself arrived in all his meatiness. The crust was served as a pan crust and was fluffy and soft enough to soak up the tomato sauce, creating a bed for its topping of beef bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, olives, capsicum and delicious melted cheese. Each bite was bliss and I really recommend this for any pizza fan.

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