Thursday, August 6, 2015

Philips Kerashine Haircare Range review

I am actually quite blessed with wavy thick hair but styling that same wavy hair can be a really pain. It takes almost forever to dry my hair. And more than that, using heated hairstyling products often left my hair brittle, dry and smelling like I set it on fire. And usually in my hands, I almost never get the desired style.

Unless that style was brittle and dry.

For those in a similar hair crisis as I, let me introduce to you the Philips KeraShine haircare range. The entire range conprises of the three basis things a girl needs for her hair; a hairdryer, straightener and (perhaps, a lesser seen product) a heated styling brush. But what sets these styling products apart from the rest is the magic that coats them. A little known protein component called keratin.

If it sounds familiar to you, it's because every shampoo, conditioner and serum would have marketed it to you. But never have you heard it embedded in a hairstyling range. Until now.

 Let me start off with the Kerashine hairdryer. Since it doesn't actually touch your hair, the keratin is dispensed through the hot air from the dryer when in use. As your hair frolics open to the heat, this allows the keratin to bond with your locks better. A hairstylist who did rebonding on my hair a long time ago told me this (my hair hasn't been able to recover its natural waviness since...go figure)

Using the hairdryer is easy enough, no fuss, no muss. However after a while, I noticed this weird smell that had me sniffing something funny. It might be the keratin being blown in my face. Nice to know it is there. For my thick hair, the blower wasn't strong enough and I usually end up going back to my trusty salon-level hairdryer from Hairdepot. The KeraShine Hairdryer is also infused with ionic care to eliminate frizz as well as two flexible temperature settings; the Thermoprotect temperature feature and a cool air setting for gentle drying.

With my hair all blown dry, it was time to straighten it and for this, the Philips Kerashine Straightener comes in. Its big ceramic plates are just perfect for my thick stubborn locks! It only takes just 60 seconds to reach 210°C – the professional styling temperature.

Before straightening
Usually it would take me (or my hairstylist) a hour to straighten my hair. With this, it took me only 30 minutes. What I love about it was that it didn't have the burnt smell and that my hair was immediately shiny after each stroke.
The difference 
And ta-da!
Now that my hair was straight and shiny, time to test out the final member of the Kerashine range, the heated styling brush. Equipped with retractable bristles, the styling brush has a 45mm barrel with keratin coating and ionic care for shiny, frizz-free hair.

The retractable prongs was unique for this product as it functioned like a heated comb. Upon wrapping my hair around it, a twist of the top retracted the bristles, allowing my hair to fall in curls.

However, maybe because my hair was too short or thick, the curls weren't so apparent. The tips are a little curled, I guess....

Watcha think?
My verdict for the Philips KeraShine range? I absolutely love the straightener! No more burnt, dry locks for me. It has made styling my hair much easier to do. Heck, it even makes taming my hair possible. Two thumbs up for the straightener.

The Philips KeraShine range is available at the Philips Brand Store at Publika Shopping Gallery, major electrical and departmental stores and on

Say bye bye to dry, damage hair and hello to keratin-rejuvenated shiny locks with the Philips KeraShine range.

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