Monday, March 14, 2016

Spartan Race Super KL 2016 - Training with USM

Spartan Race Super is less than a week away and training for it has only gotten more intense with the team. The original Spartan Malaysia team Do's and Doms took to Crossfit Pahlwan (not to do crossfit, god forbid and Raj will have a fit) and got our butts whipped into shape by Coach Lily. Lily had just returned from Australia where she did the Spartan Stadium and got a taste of the intense 300.

You can read about our experience of the 300 here.

Anyway, inspired by the madness of the 300, Lily added it to her session and nearly killed us all. See for yourself.

Best view on Youtube:

How ready are you for Spartan and Viper Arena? I'll be at both events at the 930am and 8pm wave respectively so come over and say hi.

Also join us on the United Spartans of Malaysia Facebook group for more OCR news and training sessions. We're heaps of fun and we don't bite...much.

Good luck!

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