Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Things that Could Make or Break that PB

In April, I did two half marathons, a week apart from each other and in two different venues. Both routes were relatively flat so I thought a PB was possible, especially for the MHWH Night Run.

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But as I ran, my body told me two different things during those two races and I marveled at how so many factors contributed to one's performance. I also marveled at the many regrets and thoughts that ran through my mind during the run.

Here are 5 factors that could make or break that PB (based on my experiences)

On a hindsight, CKT as a pre-race meal was not a good idea but I was in Penang and the craving was too strong. What made it worst was gulping down a jar of iced black coffee after that. That contributed to the headache. However, the Lucozade drink that was served during the race proved to be horrible as a race drink as it was too sweet and my body had trouble taking it in. I puked it out post-race. 

The Nike We Run KL was perhaps my best 21km to date. It was my fastest 21km in an official race and I still had energy after to join in the OCR training organised by Viper Challenge. How I mirculously had the energy to do after a race like that remains a mystery to me but I am attributing it to my pre-race lead up and race intake of gels which helped. 

However bare in mind that what works for me, might not work for you and as evident, it takes a lot of trial and error to find out what works. 

Having said that, it'll be a long time and lot of training before I attempt another night run. 

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