Sunday, June 12, 2016

Simbae Pet Care - Dog Shampoo and Leave-on Conditioner

Doggy bath time is something my furkid, Cody and I do not look forward to. But it is a much needed evil to keep his fur clean, shiny and tick and fleas-free. The belief that dogs enjoy water does not apply to my PAWS-adopted furkid. He hates water and hates the smell of his usual doggy shampoo. A sentiment I share mainly because it gives off a medicinal scent that always has him diving for the earth and mud post-bath.

Enter Simbae. 

Prior to this, I have not heard of Simbae but a quick Google search showed a very elegant and refined collection of pet care products. 

Just to share a bit about Simbae - Simbae is your modern pet brand – it is exciting, vibrant, playful – which is the personality of all pets. It is for avid pet lovers who appreciate their pets the way they deserve, and want to give them the best while maintaining a safe environment for everyone at home.

Simbae's scents are a concoction of natural extracts and oils from France. Made specifically for pets, light aromatics with soft tones (due to pets having a heightened sense of smell than humans) the scents are made to not overpower or stick to the fur, lasting 3 – 4 days (or more depending on fur type). Their products are also:
- Paraben & Phthalate Free
- Nitromusk Free and any of their derivatives
- Made in France to IFRA Standards

Simbae sent me two of their dog care products to try: the Fabulous Fur Shampoo (Spring Garden scent) and Leave-On Fabulous Fur Conditioner (Country Grove). I was intrigued by the scent combinations and at first whiff, both smelt pleasant. Not medicinal at all. 

Spring Garden was described as an intermingling of floral aromas from Lavender, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Violets - balanced with a Milky Powder. Country Grove was a flowery aroma of Lavender, Geranium Neroli, and Green Leaves blended with Lemon, Apple and Mango, built on the warm notes of Patchouli and Sandalwood.

The Fabulous Fur Shampoo comes in a bottle with a pump, making it easier to dispense and also prevent spillage should the bottle be knocked over (which it did while bathing Cody). The shampoo itself was and smooth on the hand and doesn't produce a lot of foam after minutes of running it through my dog's fur.

After a quick wash down and pat down, I applied the Leave-On Fabulous Fur Conditioner to Cody's damp fur. This was the first time I've heard of a leave-on conditioner for dogs and I super love it because it saved time on his bathing routine and also the scent was so refreshing! It dispensed like mist as I combed Cody's fur with my fingers and for once, Cody wasn't sneezing like something fierce crawled up his nose. I think both of us enjoyed the citrus scent very much.

It showed when Cody didn't rush off after the bath to roll about in the grass and rub up against the wall to get rid of the smell. His fur was fluffy and soft to touch the next day with a healthy shine to it. Furthermore, the scent didn't linger which was a relief for Cody I imagined

I don't know how Simbae shampoo and conditioner products fare in tick and fleas prevention but for now, I am giving these two products a thumbs up.

Now, time to give the other two furkids a bath as well. Thank you, Simbae for sponsoring the products.

For information on Simbae, log on to and follow them on

*Disclaimer: Products were sponsored but all opinions and thoughts in the review was the writer's own. 


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