Friday, September 22, 2017

UberEATS Launched in KL - at last!

Being a true Malaysian, food remains an integral part of my daily life. Just ask my colleagues and family. I'll be the one running around the office at 12noon sharp asking the all important question...

"What to eat ar?"

Of course, being the lazy bum that I am, I end up eating around the office area most of the time or bringing food from home simply because traffic jams, looking for parking and queuing/hunting for table scares me. I am sure many of you can relate.

Well, we won't have to ponder over what to eat any longer because UberEATS has officially launched in Kuala Lumpur!

Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok has already seen the arrival of UberEATS blitzing through the cities delivering god-given food throughout the day. As of 20 September, Kuala Lumpur has become the 10th Asian city to enjoy Uber's dedicated food delivery service after Seoul, Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore. UberEATS is currently available in over 100 cities across 27 countries.

At the moment, UberEATS has over 200 partner restaurants consisting of a combination of local Malaysia food, other Asian cuisines and Western offerings, mostly from Kuala Lumpur-based partners. At the launch, we got try out the offerings from active partner restaurants, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Inside Scoop, Sitka Restaurant and Real Food. Other partners include Devi's Restaurant (hahah, no need to drive out for BLR now) and Mikey's Original New York Pizza. 

UberEATS is not just good for the everyday foodie like you and I but also opens up a wider customer base for many standalone restaurants and those without a delivery service. It also provides more job opportunities for delivery partners (at the moment, those with bikes only) 

Right now (as of 22 September), UberEATS is servicing selected areas in KL (KL CBD, Bangsar and Damansara Heights). Their hours are from 9am until midnight, all seven days a week. Me staying on the border of Selangor-KL means I am only a few kilometer short of being in the delivery radius. Dammit. 

However UberEATS does have plans in place for an aggressive expansion as well as other means of improving user experience. Payments can be made via credit and debit cards although there are plans to include cash on delivery in the future much like Uber. The estimated delivery time is 35 minutes subjected also to traffic and peak hours. There is a RM5.00 delivery fee with no minimum order. 

For our Muslim friends, UberEATS is working closely with JAKIM to ensure their delivery methods meet the halal requirements. They have two different bags for delivering halal and non-halal meals. Delivery partners have the option of delivering non-halal food upon signing up with UberEATS.  

1) Download the app and enter KLTASTY to enjoy free delivery for your first three orders (valid until 21 October 2017) 
2) To get RM15 off your first order, key in eats-taniaw826ue. 

Nah, don't say I never share good stuff with you. Now... what to eat ar?