Monday, January 15, 2018

Turret Coffee, Tsukiji

Here's a fun fact. Turret is the name of the trucks driven about by the workers at Tsukiji market. So it  seems about right that there was a little coffee place located within walking distance of Tsukiji station and market called Turret Coffee.

It was so hidden that I walked past the alley in which it was located but quickly backtracked to the Starbucks at the corner where I spotted the little cafe. For the first time in a long time, I walked past a Starbucks in favour of a local cafe. Initial reviews online were promising and boy do I love my salted caramel latte. Which was exactly what I ordered at Turret.

The owner was a pleasant fellow, his attention solely on completing his customer's orders with pinpoint perfection before he tended to me. Everything about his establishment reminded me of Australia from the rustic decor to the English radio channel booming from the speakers. The menu was written on a wall in Japanese and English. The space was small with only two tables and five wall-facing stools. True to its name, there was also a turret truck in the shop and customers can also opt to sit at the back of it. Limited outdoor seating was also an option.

With my sizeable cup of sea salt caramel latte, I took a seat at the corner stool and as the hour flew by, noticed how there was a steady flow of customers, a mix of locals and foreigners. At 9am, his helper came just in time to ease out the flow.

My drink was delicious and for the price I paid (490 yen), I found it to be worth it given its size. The coffee flavour was immediate with a brief aftertaste of the Himalyan sea salt. It wasn't at all sweet which surprisingly, I quite enjoyed.

Turret Coffee opens at 7am and closes at 6pm. To locate it, exit via Gate 2 of the Tsukiji station and then look out for the Starbucks. Turn into the little street/alley next to it and voila. Turret Coffee! Now you have a new post-sushi place to get your caffeine fix.


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