Saturday, June 9, 2018

Save on Luggage Space with VAGO baggage compression device

I remember one of my first few trips to Osaka, I went on a last minute shopping spree and discovered that I didn't have enough space in my suitcase. I ended up having to purchase a cute cat-themed suitcase on the night before my flight for all my Kit Kat and kimono. Long story short - running out of luggage space while on holiday is something every travellers has encountered.

However fret not because VAGO, a baggage compression device that enables travellers to save up to 50% space in their bags and suitcases, has launched in Malaysia via Gadget Goods Asia. The lightweight, 70mm long device is able to compress soft items placed in a vacuum bag, reducing the size of the bag and leaving space for extra clothing, gifts or other items. The VAGO devices are available in white, black, purple and pink models, and are powered by a simple USB cord with Android connector that can be attached to a plug or portable battery pack, taking mere minutes to reduce even large items by half.

How it works
For travellers of all stripes – from Business to leisure, backpackers to day-trippers – VAGO will solve many of the packing woes we all experience, removing the air that gets trapped within clothes that takes up most of the volume. This leaves space in your luggage that can then be used to bring back presents, souvenirs, and shopping – or simply allow travellers to fit everything into carry-on luggage and avoid checking bags in – saving time and money.

How to use 
Simply place soft items such as clothes into the VAGO vacuum bag, screw the VAGO device onto the nozzle, plug it into the mains or a portable battery pack and wait a few minutes. The in-built smart sensor detects the pressure inside the bag, and compression automatically stops when it reaches its maximum. Unscrew the device and you are done.

Despite being no more than 70mm in size and weighing less than 77g, the powerful device will reduce even the most stubborn coats and clothing by up to 50%, so they take up half as much room as before, leaving more space in your suitcase or backpack. Highly portable, the VAGO device can be brought with you around the world, available for use at a moment’s notice.

Anyone who orders their VAGO device through will enjoy a discount of 10% (RM265). The original price is RM294. The VAGO device will also come with a medium sized (40cm x 50cm) vacuum bag. Should you require more, additional vacuum bags in various sizes are also separately available:
- Small bag (36cm x 36cm) - RM39
- Medium bag (40cm x 50cm) - RM49
- Large bag (70cm x 100cm) - RM59

To place orders, customers are to visit:


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Wahhh, I love the sleek colours leh and so useful especially for girls

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The colours and design are attractive!

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