Monday, September 24, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Visit Japan in Autumn

People say that Japan is beautiful all year, all season round. I disagree and I think that autumn is the worst time to go to Japan. And here are 5 reasons:

1. There are no sakura flowers in Autumn. I mean, Japan is known for those pretty pink flowers so why would you want to fly all the way there for a view that looks like the forest is on fire?

2. You won't have the familiar bustle and hustle of having hordes of other tourists all around you. At times, you will find yourself all alone.

3. The weather is neither here nor there. It's not too hot nor too cold. The temperature during the day is cooling enough that you can walk around in a single layer of clothes but come night time, be prepared to break out the cardigan or jacket.

4. Boring views like this.

5. Flights are often so much cheaper that it feels like a trap. The only other time it gets cheaper than autumn season is January to March which is winter. A glorious time worth visiting.

And there ya go - autumn is the worst time to visit Japan. So don't go there in September - November. Don't say I never warn you.

PS - In case it flew right over your head, sarcasm is one of my favourite defense of humour.

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