Monday, September 17, 2018

A Noob Cupid's Guide to Matchmaking

I never understood people's fascination with other people's love life and their constant need to play matchmaker. Frankly, every time a group of friends tries to set me up with someone else, it only shows me how little they understand about me and makes one wonder if they do this simply for their own amusement *looks pointedly at aforementioned friends*
Don’t let the excitement of romance get ahead of you. Before letting loose Cupid’s proverbial arrows, there are a 5 basic things to keep in mind that will up your chances of successfully matching singletons in your circles, or at least convince them to go on a date without risking your friendships with them. 

1) NEWSFLASH: Not all singles are unhappy being single! They may not even be ready to date, so your “sweet gesture” might just turn against you. If you think two of your friends might work out as a couple, best to ask them first if they’re interested in dating. 

2) No two singles are alike. Singlehood won’t automatically match two people. Find out what your single friends are after in a date, like personality, hobbies, or career, so you know who among them are compatible. 

3) Be detailed. Don’t just tell them you know someone who looks great and is looking for a relationship. Still, be ready with a few pictures—with consent, of course. 

4) Movie vs. coffee date. You wouldn’t want the first date in the movies where your potential lovebirds will end up glued to the big screen and not talking to each other. Encourage conversation by having them meet in a cozy café or a hip but family-friendly restaurant. Just avoid locations that are too “off the beaten path” so they don’t feel trapped or forced into a romantic situation. 

5) Just don't kepoh la or leave it to the pros. 

Without practice and experience, you might end up with more misses than hits that could have terrible consequences on your friendships. It would certainly help to pick up a few tips from the pros, like maître d’ Fred Sirieix and his crew on Blue Ant Entertainment’s British reality show First Dates.

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