Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Canmake Japan x Guardian Malaysia Funfair

What girl doesn't love her makeup? For the longest time, dark eyeliners and brown eyeshadows has been my go-to aid for a quick fix me up when I am headed out for a meeting or event. And for someone who is in need of changing up her day-to-day and event look, Canmake Tokyo make up collection is just what I needed to add to my current collection.

At Canmake's recent Fun Fair event at Alya International Gallery (love the location btw! So much natural lighting and space!), Canmake introduced the latest additions to its many makeup ranges and demonstrated in a grandeur of fun in pink and white, why it is one of Japan's most popular makeup brands.

In line with its theme, the attending media, bloggers and influencers got to try our luck at three games: a vending machine with the makeup goodie boxes, a claw machine and a spin-the-wheel game. At all three games, no one went home empty handed as we each walked away with different Canmake products and in some cases a Can-chan doll. Of course, upon opening up our products like excited kids on Christmas Day, there was a fury of exchanging hands as we sought out the tone and colour that suited our skin and style best.

Keeping to its promises of continuously providing cute, trendy, quality products at reasonable prices, Canmake introduced several new products as well as the existing ranges to attendees with a makeup demonstration by beauty guru, Shiyo Joo. Shiyo showed us how to achieve a simple dewy look for those looking to achieve a light and sweet appearance ala Japanese style.

Among some of Canmake's latest products are such as the Transparent Finish Powder in Shiny Aquamarine, two Marshmallow Finish Base for Moisture and Oily respectively, Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek in three tones and Lip Tint Matte in three hues of red. Other additions are such as the Princess Bouquet colour palette to the Perfect Stylist Eyes eyeshadow-eyeliner collection.
Marshmallow Finish Base
Lip Tint Matte
Transparent Finish Powder in Shiny Aquamarine
Perfect Stylist Eyes eyeshadow-eyeliner collection
Canmake has been in the Malaysian market for 13 years. Expanding from Sasa, Aeon Wellness, Guardian, Aeon Departmental Store, Hermo, Play-Up by Parkson and Ourshop by Airasia, Canmake can also be found at local Guardian stores since 2015. Guardian Malaysia is aiming to increase product availability to more stores across the country by the end of the year.

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