Monday, May 13, 2019

My Return to OCR: Viper Beach 2019 Port Dickson

I can't believe this is my first OCR of 2019. Have I really been that out of touch with my fitness side? I think the answer is clearly yes. Sad die me :(

I even had a reader who joined in one of my bootcampy sessions and told me she realised I didn't write so much about OCR about anymore. That was a wakeup call to me and could possibly be why I signed up for Viper Beach and Viper Arena.

Either that or the attraction of running on the beach was just too hard to deny. The last time Viper Challenge held their event on a beach was in Sentosa island and that was heaps of fun especially since I was staying so close to the race site and was surrounded by cafes by the beach. Ah the beach life. So Viper Beach was definitely all systems go when we booked our hotel stay package and on the day before the race, drive 90 mins down to Port Dickson. 

The event site was at Avillion Admiral Cove Port Dickson so that was where we stayed. Check-in was slow and a bit kelam-kabut - heck, they even wanted to put us in with the Great Eastern Group booking. Like how... cue facepalm. But eventually we got our rooms. I must say though the rooms are really spacious and well furnished. It was a twin-sharing but we had a day bed that could easily fit one more person. I got a view of the race site so I could easily see people completing the race the next day. 

Come race morning, my group rolled out of bed at 545am, headed down for a light breakfast provided by the hotel and was at the race site by 630am for our 7am flag off. Ah the perks of staying at the race site. After a prompt sign in at the registration counter (and got harassed by race organiser Faizal for bojioing him), we headed to the start line. 

After the usual pep talk/morale booster by the DJ, we were off and found ourselves jogging along a combination of trail and road for about 1.5km before we finally hit the beach..and the first obstacle. The obstacles was pretty much well spaced out across the 6km route with stretches of beach running in between to even out the runners and prevent backlog. Port Dickson took me by surprise with its clean beaches and blue waters. My earlier memories of this place were of murky brown waters, trash in the beaches and the occasional oil spill in the distance so this was a pleasant find.

The obstacles were fun with a mix of challenging and do-able. Thankfully no walls to climb but a lot of balancing, sand and water. Just the way I like it. See for yourself.

This race was basically K.I.S.S - Kept It Short and Simple and we had fun.So much fun that a brunch of us who hasn't signed up for Viper Arena did so within a week after the beach event. Hopefully I could get my OCR writing mojo back by then.

Until next time, kthxbai. 

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