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Catch Two World Coffee Champions at Roastedly, Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019

I feel that people often underestimate the importance of a good cup of coffee in the morning. Ask anyone in my (tiny) circle of friends and family and they will tell you that I am a snappish being from hell before I have my coffee. Fortunately though, I am not crazy picky about where I get my coffee. Be it from beans, 3-in-1 or via drip, I am totally fine as long as it's good, has a caffeine kick, and I get it before 10am. Otherwise all hell will break loose.
Jason Loo in action
Anyway, if you're a staunch coffee drinker and want to learn more about coffee, the Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019 is currently underway at 1 Utama Shopping Mall. There you can learn how to extract the best brews out of your coffee beans from Malaysia’s very own national and international coffee champions – Regine Wai and Jason Loo.

On Saturday 27 July 2019, you can get up close and personal with them at the Roastedly booth where they will be sharing valuable tips and pointers on how to attain the best brew out of any coffee bean – from how to store coffee beans correctly, choosing the best filters to give the best flavours, the various methods of extraction, and many more learning points.

As an added bonus, Roastedly has handpicked five exclusive coffees from Malaysia’s top roasters to be packaged and presented at the festival as a special edition for the event, while stocks last. What is Roastedly, you're wondering?
Hands-on demo with Roastedly Big Boss, Welson Ang 

It's a coffee brand that specialises in drip coffee but goes the extra mile in making it convenient without losing the quality of the beans. Unlike many drip coffee brands, Roastedly prides itself in separating its coffee grind from the filter as it's believed that storing it in the filter drip bag will cause it to loose its optimal flavour. That makes sense and so the coffee grind is packed separately from the filter and air sealed tight.

Roastedly also believes in giving its customers options with their coffee blends and has opted to pack a mix variety of coffee blends selected and roasted from all over the world. For this event,  the specially curated package comprises the following five distinctively delicious coffees from the following countries and top local coffee roasters:
Malaysia Coffee Fest Limited Edition
1. Ethiopia BOJI Kelloo Semi-Shade #18 – roasted by Beans Depot
2. Rwanda Huye Mountain, SOVU – roasted by Beans Depot
3. Malaysia Sabarica – roasted by Lighthouse Coffee Roaster
4. Indonesia, West Java, Mt Tilu – roasted by Toothless Coffee
5. Colombia, Juan Heraldo Farjado – roasted by Tongue Mission Coffee Roasters

Having tried some from the set, the difference in taste profile and body is very distinctive and a real coffee experience for real coffee lovers. But fret not if you can't tell apart the coffee as Roastedly has even gone the extra mile with technology integrated into the experience. If you want to learn more about a particular roast you're drinking, you can even scan the QR code on the sachet and be directed to Roastedly's website with more information about the bean's profile and origins. So cool right??!
Technology intergrated
For the ultimate convenience of coffee-drinkers who are always on-the-go, Roastedly bundle a premium disposable drip bag with each sachet. All one need is a cup and hot water to satisfy that coffee craving, and savour remarkably good coffee from different sources around the world in a single buy. So if you're at Malaysia Coffee Fest 2019, you can grab the packaged brews at an unbeatable price of RM40 (one pack) and RM70 (two packs).
Jason might even sign it if you ask nicely. Jk!
And while you're there, just go crazy on all the other coffee offerings available from its many many many participating vendors. Take your pick different coffee blends, pairing pastries, free coffee tasting, coffee art and learn more about coffee brewing equipment.

There will be two national coffee championships and a mini latte art competition where Malaysia’s top baristas and latte artistes battle one another for the coveted top spots:
1. Malaysia Open Barista Championship (MBOC) 2019 – 25, 26 & 28 July 2019
2. Malaysia Open Latte Art Championship (MOLC) 2019 – 25, 26 & 28 July 2019
3. Mini Latte Art Throwdown – 27 July 2019

Adding excitement and buzz to the festival, visitors may also stand a chance to win lucky draw prizes with Lady Luck by their side:
1. A lucky draw – stand a chance to win mystery gifts with every spend of RM50 in a single receipt 2. Sure-win dip – with any purchase of RM200 and above

Regardless of what kind of a coffee drinker you are, there will definitely be something for you to enjoy there. Admission is free-of-charge.

Date and Time:
Thursday 25 July to Sunday 28 July 2019
Thursday and Sunday | 10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday | 10am to 10.30pm

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