Thursday, September 5, 2019

Guardian Most Voted Brands (MVB) Award 2019 - Hunt, Vote and Win!

Now it it's 20th consecutive year, the Guardian's Most Voted Brands (MVB) Awards is back once again! Starting from today until 29 September 2019, Guardian Malaysia customers across the nation will have the chance to vote for their favourite health and beauty brands and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM40,000!

This year, an impressive 313 products from 139 brands will be competing for 73 category awards and their fate lies in the hands of the customers, you who actually buy and use these products. This means this will give brand owners an unbiased evaluation of where their brand stands in Guardians' stable. According to Ms Wong Vai Chi, Head of Marketing and Promotions, Guardian Malaysia, "The votes taken as a whole, will give an unbiased snapshot of brands that have reached and impacted our customers the most. When Guardian Malaysia conceptualized the award in the year 2000, our objective was to connect our millions of shoppers to all our business partners and brand owners, by having them vote their favourite brand. Today, this award is even more relevant as we are driven to connect with and understand our customer lifestyle needs, preferences and behaviour that is constantly changing and evolving."

The voting process is simple, online-driven and fun as it cleverly incorporates a treasure hunt game into it that promises to benefit its customers. For the first time ever, Guardian customers can enter the MVB Hunt in all Guardian stores using only their mobile phones.

The contest mechanics is simple!
1. Customers can join the Guardian MVB Hunt simply by scanning the QR Code at Guardian Stores or by entering into their browser.
2. Key in the necessary information, so easy peasy.
3. After that, click start here! You will be randomly given one of four QR codes to find in Guardian. There are four to find all over the store so have fun!
Tip: A clue can be given on the microsite as well. 
4. After scanning the colour QR Code, just vote for your products!
5. After voting, you will get a product voucher of your choice of category.

Now, in order to unlock the next stages and product vouchers, you then need to upload your receipts. There are three stages to unlock so you will need three receipts with a minimum of RM10 in a single receipt at the store or online. Customers who have voted three times can then enter the online voting for an even higher chance of winning the Mega Prizes. Log on to anytime between 5 to 29 September 2019 to cast your votes.

All customers who submitted their votes with a valid receipt can stand a chance to win one of 68 Mega Prizes, totalling RM40,000 in Guardian vouchers. The Mega Prizes are as following:
- 1grand prize of RM12,000 Guardian Vouchers (gasps!)
- 2 first prizes of RM5,500 Guardian Vouchers
- 5 second prizes of RM1,000 Guardian Vouchers
- 60 consolation prizes of RM200 Guardian Vouchers.

The contest is open for 18 years and above. As proof of purchase, shoppers must keep the original Guardian receipt. For more information and the full T&C of the treasure hunt, please visit

So tunggu apa lagi? Start hunting, shopping and voting!

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