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6 Travel OOTDs under RM100 from Jalan Jalan Japan

I am a huge advocate of preloved/bundle shopping. There is always something so thrilling about finding something of value for a steal. I first learnt of the concept during my magazine days nine odd years ago from our beauty writer but never imagined I would be so into it like I am now.

Like almost everything else in my life, I have Japan to thank. My discovery of their local preloved store brand: Bookoff, Mode Off and House Off has made me truly see and appreciate the value of secondhand shopping. So when Jalan Jalan Japan by Bookoff landed in Malaysia, I was excited. The 1Shamelin Mall outlet became my monthly go-to.

Rest assured, even with a limited budget, there are a lot of things you can buy in Jalan Jalan Japan. They have a wide variety of products ranging from winter wear to everyday clothes, kimonos, kitchenware, sporting goods, baby stuff, furniture, shoes, bags, toys and if you’re lucky, rare collectables. Heck, I even got my RM20 winter jacket from there which kept me warm against Hokkaido’s brutal winter in 2018 for almost a month. Yes, it was that cheap!

Don’t believe me? Then check out my 6 travel outfits for only total. Not per piece, not per outfit. RM100 for six outfits for four seasons and two travel scenarios that are affordable, comfortable and fashionable. Best of all, the 1Shamelin outlet recently expanded its floor so that means...more stuff and more fun shopping!

TRAVEL OOTD #1 – Airport Wear

Comfortable and versatile are exactly what this combination of a creamy Hush Puppies Men’s Button Shirt (RM30) and a light blue jeans (RM10) is. Paired with slip-ons or sneakers, I will be effortlessly ready for a long-haul flight.

TRAVEL OOTD #2 – Spring Break

I am ready for the beach with this surfer shorts (RM5) and neon pink shirt from GAP (RM10). If I want to pull off a casual look to go to the market on a hot day, I would wear it with flipflops or sandals and sneakers for that sporty girl look.

TRAVEL OOTD #3 – Summer Bumpkin

Summer vacay can be hot so keeping it light but airy is key. This light denim shorts dungaree (only RM10!) over the pink Gap shirt is basic yet fashionable and suitable for the sweat-inducing heat. Best of all, it has pockets!

TRAVEL OOTD #4 – Autumn Chic(k)

Ah autumn. A season that is neither here nor there. As it can still be warm during the day and chilly in the evenings, I would wear this pastel prismatic wool sweater (RM5) with my jeans for a simplistic and chic look especially with this GU-branded stylish black hat (RM5).

TRAVEL OOTD #5 – Festive Winter

I am super loving how Christmassy this outfit ended up looking and at only RM8! On top of that, the material of the maroon knee-length flare skirt (RM3 wow!) and purple wool sweater (RM5) are thick, making them perfect for winter wear. Most importantly, it will keep me warm and comfortable when I am moving in and out of places while on a winter holiday or even...when in my freezing office.

TRAVEL OOTD #6 – Harajuku Girl

In an ode to Tokyo’s fashion capital, the main key piece is this Malko Malka jacket from Harajuku. Wear it over your jeans or dress for that fashion statement. And here’s the kicker, it only cost RM10 for a designer jacket that was priced at JPY 2,900 (approx RM100*). Regardless of the season, this jacket is perfect for a stroll through Harajuku or Bukit Bintang as a fashion piece.

Total damage: RM93

See! I told you it’s possible - Six looks for under RM100. I am pleasantly pleased with my finds as I am particular about clothes quality and not to mention, being on the curvy side makes it more challenging but JJJ never lets me down. 

Here are my 5 JJJ shopping tips to help you have a fun experience:
Tip 1: Manage your expectations and go with an open mind.
Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to try new styles.
Tip 3: Set aside plenty of time to hunt and browse. I spent 3 hours 40 mins there on my recent spree.
Tip 4: Remember that these are Japan-sizes. Large could mean medium, medium could mean small etc (you get what I mean) Luckily things are arranged according to size.
Tip 5: Changing rooms are limited so be smart and considerate about it.
Tip 6: Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrate during the hunt. Trust me.

If you're worried about hygiene, don't be because all clothes undergo a hot steam process before they are shipped out from Japan to Malaysia.

GREAT NEWS for those near to Putrajaya and Semenyih. Jalan Jalan Japan is opening their fifth outlet in KIP Mall, Bangi on 28 Dec. So mark the date! Opening ceremony starts at 945am and shopping officially starts at 10am.

For more information, check out their website: or follow them on Facebook at

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