Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sayonara, 2019. Hello, 2020

Ah, what a busy year 2019 was. Even though I travelled abroad less in 2019, I gained so many more opportunities to discover myself through my work.

In 2019...
- I was a lecturer, social media content person, writer and blogger for various clients- all on a part time basis. I never knew I could be so multi-faceted and capable of juggling these many aspects especially when they were overlapping each other.
- I went back to Penang with Isabel after months of planning and to Cameron Highlands again to accompany my mother for her race.
- I also briefly came out of Spartan race hiatus to fly to Kuching, Sarawak for a Sprint race with my cousin. I considered returning to the Spartan race scene for 2020 but after hearing all the horror stories of the new and current organiser in Malaysia, I am probably going to bench that thought. Unless it's in Japan or Australia.
- I played tour guide to my parents and grandmother for our trip to Kyushu and realised...your travelling companion does make a difference to the entirety of the experience.
- I applied for two potential dream jobs and landed the position as the content writer for a travel agency in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I am working in KL now. The irony of that. If only intern me could see me now.
- I am officially the proud owner of a Philips 3100 Espresso Machine!
- I've worked with many prominent brands here though my blog and I feel so thankful (albeit perplexed) of them choosing to work with me such as Grab Malaysia, Realme, Jalan Jalan Japan and Four Seasons.

Moving into 2020,
- I am going to run my fourth marathon in Japan, the Fujisan Marathon 2020 in Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi.
- I hope to travel more with my new company (fingers crossed, more Japan and parts of Europe)
- I aim to complete my Kyushu series which has been on a break since starting work. I swear I will get the postings out.
- I am gonna keep curating content the way I want to with the consistent objective of answering people's questions on travel stuff.
- Be the best version of myself at work, a writer, blogger, a fitness junkie, a foodie and an animal lover. 

And that's that. I am keeping this short and leave the rest to play out in my blog.
All hail the double chin and crazy mane.
Signing off into 2020.

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