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Paul Immigrations Reviews: How to Apply for Singapore PR 

In terms of standard of living, Singapore has been ranked one of the best in the world. This should come as no surprise given its stellar healthcare and educational systems, modern infrastructure and low crime rates. Furthermore, the nation has long been known for its racial harmony and vibrant multi-cultural and multi-racial society making it easier for foreign visitors to feel welcome and accepted in this small but developed nation.
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As Asia’s business headquarters for many international brands and the gateway from Asia to the rest of the world, Singapore is definitely the Asian country to live, rest, work and play. It’s no wonder that many sought to set up a life in this country. A proposition further made more enticing by the fact that permanent residents in Singapore also have Central Provident Fund benefits and similar benefits enjoyed by its citizens. This comes with a list of subsidies, personal tax relief and access to public housing, quality education and healthcare services.

But how does one go about becoming a permanent resident (PR) in Singapore? Well, there are various means for a foreign national to become a PR, which is through the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme), Global Investor Program scheme (GIP Scheme) and Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (ForArts).

To date, the PTS scheme has been reported as the quickest route for expatriates to gain PR status with about 95% of working professionals having successfully obtained their permanent residency via this scheme. The GIP scheme on the other hand, whilst also has a high approval rate, was tailored for foreign investors with high net worth. These investors should be able to invest a S$2.5 million into Singapore’s economy by setting up a new business operation and creating new job opportunities for the country or financing a GIP-approved fund that invests in corporations that are Singapore-based. Typically, applicants of this scheme possess a strong business background and successful track record to be eligible. Finally, the ForArts scheme is meant for outstanding international arts professional to recognise their cultural significance and contribution to the country.

However, the application process can take from four to six months and maybe longer. There are also a set of criterias by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in Singapore which permits them to determine if the applicant is eligible for the highly coveted PR status. There are necessary documents to be submitted and other factors that can influence your approval chances. These factors are such as education level, age (ideally below 50 years old), type of work pass (S-Pass, EntrePass, EP or PEP), professional experience, financial stability and kinship (family in Singapore).

Of course, charity involvement or contributions, social integration efforts and special recommendations are also taken into consideration on special cases. Think of these criterias like a checklist to be ticked off as you fill in your application form and the more you have, the better chances of you appearing as a quality candidate in your application. What is important to keep in mind is that the Singaporean government wants to ensure that they are gaining an asset to the country if youre granted a PR status and will not burden the country.

The ICA office receives a large amount of PR applications on a regular basis and therefore, for your application to stand out, it’s important that you fill in your forms as concise and as relevant as possible with the requested documents in an orderly and organised manner. Key information should be displayed and easily readable for the authorities to analyse and evaluate your application more efficiently.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Help They Can Provide
Understandably applying for PR can be tedious. Hence, it’s no surprise that many expatriates and foreign talents turn to professional firms like Paul Immigrations which can provide helpful and hands-on immigration services. Paul Immigrations is a Singapore immigration consultancy firm that is well-versed with comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the application process. This firm has been part of the application process on behalf of individuals from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds while maintaining a high success rate over the past many years. It also has a team of specialists that can offer important insights, backed by years of experiences that can help applicants gain the upper hand to a PR approval.

As aforementioned, ensuring all the required documents are prepared in advance will give you a better chance of getting the PR. It’s also important to know that all submissions are made via the online site of the ICA and should any document be found missing during submission, it can result in your application becoming invalid. But with Paul Immigrations, they will take this tedious part of the process off your hands and personally ensure nothing is left out of your submission. They will also guide you through the entire process to ensure you understand and do not exclude crucial information and documents.

One way to definitely pop from the crowd of other PR candidates is to have a cover letter. If writing is not your forte, then fret not because Paul Immigrations has that covered with their team of writers. Focusing on your strengths and positive character aspects, they can craft out a personalised cover letter to increase your chances of success. Their specialists can also advice you on additional documents that will help you stand out from the rest such as a recommendation letter from your Singaporean employer.

It was stated on the ICA online portal that the submission and filling up the form will take about 30 minutes to complete but in reality, the e-service site can be complex and time-consuming. The team can help make the submission process an efficient and seamless experience.

Applying for a Singapore PR by yourself is possible but due to the complex system of the submission and its many requirements, engaging the services of an immigration firm like Paul Immigrations is highly recommended to reduce mistakes and time wasted and also increase the likelihood of success.

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