Friday, November 13, 2020

Bawangchaji: A Rising Star among Teahouses

While we may not be able to travel to China for now, we can still enjoy a taste of Yunnan through BaWangChaji which first entered the Malaysian market in 2019. The first-ever Rethink ‘Single’ Campaign of BaWangChaJi in conjunction with the 11.11 Single Day Celebration officially ended on a positive note, the teahouse brand once again broke its highest record in the history for the daily sales on Double 11. On this one-day shopping event, BaWangChaJi collaborated with 11 lifestyle brands at once and grabbed the opportunity to raise awareness on the importance and power of self-love. 
BaWangChaJi’s Rethink ‘Single’ Campaign received valuable support from their partners as there are gifts ranging from products, promo codes, customised merchandise items and promotional vouchers from brand partners during such challenging times. It was indeed a great milestone of BaWangChaJi with the combined efforts of the Fish Bowl MY, Signature Market, J&T Express, Hermo, Celmonze, Happy Bunch, Alph Studio, AISPORTZ, Hungry, Rev Fitness and Nomu Nutrition. The spirit of self-love on Singles’ Day has spread across consumers from five states in Malaysia who visited the stores or purchased through our online delivery platforms. 

Jack Chong, CEO of BaWangChaJi Malaysia shared, “Throughout the collaboration, we have gained mutual support and trust from the brand partners which led to a successful campaign. We are delighted to see all the happy faces of our fans when they were participating in the 11.11 Tear Cup Surprise and Self-Love 101 Giveaway. I’m grateful that tea lovers find their favourite teas here and their supportive spirits are very significant during this pandemic. I believe that’s the key for us to sustain and step forward during this hard time. No doubt that many businesses have been impacted by the pandemic and trying hard to sustain in the industry, we want to remind all parties and businesses that we’re all in this together. Everything is possible as long as you find the right strategy to navigate food and beverage businesses.” 

Stores Expansions 

In just 15 months, BaWangChaJi have expanded the outlets across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Penang and Johor in Peninsular Malaysia and its expansion plan kept going despite the economic impact. The demand for healthy and premium drinks has seen a spike as more Malaysians are more health-conscious in their lifestyle especially food and beverage consumption.

Due to the positive support and requests from tea-lovers, BaWangChaJi has launched its new store at SS2 and there will be more outlets coming up at Klang Valley such as Cheras Trader Square and Puchong Bandar Puteri; Bukit Mertajam in Penang and also Kuantan, which is the first outlet in the East Coast region. Fans can also stay tuned for BaWangChaJi’s first premium flagship store in Malaysia that will be located at Solaris, Mont Kiara.

Free Upsize Promo

Along with the Fresh Fruit Tea series, the long-awaited Watermelon Oolong tea Free Upsize promo is finally resumed at all the outlets again. The refreshing flavour which is the perfect choice to be consumed on a sunny day has received tremendous responses among Malaysians. The layering of this beverage is made up of three main ingredients which are cheese top, watermelon cubes, and Kanten Jelly Balls that contribute to not just the taste and texture, but also the aesthetic appeal of it. 

Fresh fruit tea lovers should not miss out on the opportunity to elevate your experiences with Watermelon Oolong tea from 15th to 30th November at all BaWangChaJi’s outlets. You are able to taste the large cup of 700ml slushy blended Fresh Watermelon with Oolong Tea at a regular price of RM13.90. 

To find out more about BaWangChaJi Malaysia’s events and promotions, do follow the Facebook page as well as Instagram at @bawangchaji_my.

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