Sunday, June 6, 2021

Nescafe New Look, Two New Flavours

If you're looking out for your favourite Nescafe canned drinks in stores, you will be in for a surprise with the new look of the Kopitiam Series. On top of that, there are two new variants added to the collection, the Nescafe Kopi-C and Nescafe Kopi Cham - popular drinks that all Malaysians known and love from their beloved kopitiams.
The new Nescafe Kopi Cham is a combination of tea and coffee, while Nescafe Kopi-C has a smoother blend of coffee and milk. These two flavours are recognised as popular coffee choices in the local coffee shops. Inspired by the interior of a typical Malaysian kopitiam, the new and vibrant design of the cans is a symbol of nostalgia with an emphasis on heritage.

With the familiar taste that all Malaysians know and grew up loving, Nescafe aims to bring that concept to life in a can by giving it a contemporary look for today’s savvy coffee drinkers without compromising on its authenticity.

The existing local coffee range under the Nescafe Kopitiam Series rebrand includes Nescafe Tarik, Nescafe Tarik Kaw, Nescafe Kopi-O, Nescafe White Coffee, and Nescafe Ice. The Nescafe Kopitiam Series will be available nationwide at all participating retail outlets and also on e-commerce sites. 

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