Monday, July 11, 2022

Tsutaya Books Bukit Jalil - More than Just Books and Pens

Undoubtedly the most popular Tsutaya is probably the one at Shibuya only because you can get a view of the famous Shibuya Crossing from the second floor of its tenant, Starbucks. The second famous Tsutaya is the instagrammable one in Nagoya. 

But now in Malaysia, the name Tsutaya Books goes hand-in-hand with Pavilion Bukit Jalil, home to the first Tsutaya outlet in the whole of South East Asia. Making a promise to be more than just books, Tsutaya is "a space to discover and explore and to cultivate creative pursuits." Their words, not mine.

Creative pursuits seems to be an accurate description of its objective given how the outlet was beautifully designed with photo taking in mind. From its reflective ceilings to hidden seating corners and greenery installation from Taman Hati, you will be hard press to not find someone taking photos here and in that sense, curating their creativity into photos. 

The single storey bookstore covers 31,000 sq feer with floor to ceiling bookshelves lined with over 240,000 books, stationaries and goods for all walks of life. Rather than arranging everything according to language and then genre, at Tsutaya, you can find everything you need under the same genre from English to Japanese to other languages. Here's a tip, look out for the black boxes on the shelves for English books and white boxed for other languages. 

This Tsutaya also boasts the largest children's edutainment section in any bookstore in Malaysia. Carrying over 200,000 children's books in the four allocated dialects as stated above, the golden verdant space even consists of a treehouse-inspired Learning Room, where children can sit down comfortably and read books, play with toys, or wander around the aisles of books.

Arts and craft enthusiasts will go crazy at Tsutaya's stationery section, which also sells decorative items such as terrariums, candles, and fashionable stockings, to name a few non-bookshop treats.

Other lifestyle goods such as earrings, mugs, Japanese hand fans, stonewares, necklaces and limited-edition figurines were also spotted.  Ainz & Tulpe, a Japanese beauty and personal care store, is located within Bukit Jalil Tsutaya Books, further enhancing the lifestyle experience the bookstore strives to provide.

And if you have cravings for coffee or matcha or dessert between your book browsing, Tsutaya also has its own lifestyle cafe, Ivy Cafe. Visitors can unwind with a Kyoto matcha latte, a freshly brewed cup of coffee and pastries in this cafe that is designed to resemble a "traditional share lounge" in Japan.

There are plans to open up 5 more Tsutaya stores in Malaysia, each with their own distinctive identities and offerings. 

Address: Lot 2.89.00, Level 2 (Orange Zone), Pavilion, Bukit Jalil.
Operating hours: 10am-10pm (Daily).

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