Tuesday, October 11, 2022

A Purr-fect Educational Cause by Royal Canin at Expo Kucing 2022

Everyone knows that most pet parents are a different level of doting and crazy when it comes to their furkids. You would not believe the lengths these parents would go through for their kids, from buying only the best food, treats, toys and even strolleys. Last weekend, I as a said crazy pet parent, flocked to MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC) alongside other cat owners for the the fifth edition of Expo Kucing. 

And one of the stops I made was to the Royal Canin booth. Amidst two halls filled with booths and crowd, it was refreshing to see a brand focusing more on raising awareness on the  importance of timely and proper veterinary care. As the mum of formerly eight cats, now four, I have grown very well aware of the importance of vet checkups and a healthy balanced diet. 

As strong believers in nurturing and leading the future of pet care through every stage of their lives, Royal Canin set up an interactive booth where cat owners could speak with vets and bring their pets to receive a general health assessment.

Marlie Joosten, Head of Retail Business for Royal Canin Malaysia, was vocal about the values Royal Canin holds in high regard to their company’s purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS through preventive care, “Just like how we humans go for regular health check-ups, we definitely should do the same for our pets!”

Why are regular vet visits so important? Well, unlike us humans, pets can't verbally tell us if they are feeling ill and only show signs of illness once it is far progressed. The recommended frequency for medical check-ups is at least once a year. Veterinary clinics also have the facilities necessary to detect any illnesses which cannot be seen by the naked eye, and it can often save many pets’ health before it progresses too far.

To further raise awareness on the ‘Take Your Pet to The Vet’ campaign, Royal Canin invited Dr Salehatul Khuzaimah (also known on social media as Dr Ima), a companion animal veterinarian in the Klang Valley, to conduct a live Q&A session with the public to address their concerns from a professional vet’s standpoint. The Q&A session was carried out twice a day across the weekend, where stimulating conversations with pet owners were conducted in hopes of raising awareness about the necessary care required to improve their pets’ wellbeing. Interested parties can rewatch the Q&A session on Royal Canin’s Facebook page.

Subsequently, individuals who signed up as new Royal Canin Club members during the exhibition were eligible for a free mini cat feeding bowl, along with a RM60 healthcare voucher for veterinarian consultation and treatment services redeemable at participating vet clinics found via the Royal Canin Club mobile application. Existing Royal Canin Club members received 100 redemption points on top of the healthcare voucher. Across the three-day event, 2,000 pet owners registered on Royal Canin Club to redeem the RM60 healthcare voucher and 400 pet owners redeemed 100 points on the Royal Canin Club app.

Overall, Expo Kucing 2022 was an overwhelming success, with education on cat health care running hand-in-hand with the celebration of these cute furry creatures. Royal Canin pledges to continue working closely with pet professionals to provide the best nutritional products for cats and dogs. 

The Royal Canin family can also expect similar events such as Pets World to be conducted soon, as Royal Canin actively fights for a world where animal health is never undermined. For more information on pet healthcare and Royal Canin products, please kindly visit https://www.royalcaninmalaysia.my/

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