Friday, March 3, 2023

Introverts can now sing their hearts out at A Quiet Place, Bukit Bintang

Calling all introverts - Get ready to yodel your heart out in the most unlikely of places. 

The newly opened A Quiet Place in the heart of Bukit Bintang offers quite the opposite of its namesake with a haven for music lovers and karaoke buffs to sing to their heart's content. Best of all, its state of the art system will soon allow introverts to roll in, all by themselves without needing to interact with people.
A one-stop entertainment location with three concepts under one roof, A Quiet Place is poised to be the latest hang-out spot to have the ultimate karaoke fun. Home to Loud Speaker 2.0, Mini Studio, and GeTai, the flagship A Quiet Place spans 17,000 sqft with each of the concepts catering to its very own brand of niche consumers. 

As soon as you walk in, you will be greeted by a modern and aesthetic interior - very instagrammable. This sets the tone for the entire venue across its three different concepts. Loud Speaker 2.0 is the first premium outlet to be launched since the opening of its existing 11 Loud Speaker outlets. Mini Studio and GeTai are new karaoke concepts which were first introduced in Johor Bahru (JB) and now brought to Kuala Lumpur. The flagship outlets for Mini Studio and GeTai in A Quiet Place are also given a different look and feel compared to its inaugural outlets in JB.

At A Quiet Place, patrons can select songs from their mobile phone on demand through a web app. Consumers will have over 300,000 selections of songs from various genres to find their top karaoke picks. The state-of-the-art sound system by JBL and large high-definition screens are accessible in Loud Speaker 2.0 and GeTai to ensure maximum quality for the patrons to enjoy.

You can enjoy healthy kombucha by Myboocha if you book Loud Speaker 2.0 or GeTai or enjoy the free flow non-alcoholic beverages from the drinks bar while snacking on popcorns. Alcohol lovers will also appreciate the selection of fine organic wines and cocktails curated by their in-house sommeliers.

Karaoke buffs can choose from any of the three concepts in one convenient place to let loose and belt it out.

For Big Groups - Loud Speaker 2.0
Loud Speaker 2.0’s classy yet edgy vibe will make consumers feel pumped and ready to start their own mini concert. Perfect for those seeking a premium karaoke experience, Loud Speaker 2.0 rooms cater to a private, comfortable, and spacious environment, with the Bukit Bintang outlet being grander than the existing Loud Speaker outlets.

The karaoke sessions will surely be elevated with giant visual screens providing an immersive experience to the users and are available in the Opera (VIP) and Festival (VVIP) Rooms. Speaking of great parties, the Festival Room can fit up to 40 people and is suitable for private or corporate events.

The booking rates start from RM 40 per hour which comes with free flow of non-alcoholic drinks. All customers can enjoy “buy 2 free 1 hour” privileges. Additionally, existing Loud Speaker’s Jom K Kakee members get to redeem free room upgrades. This promotion is subject to availability and is valid from 22 Feb to 31 Mar 2023.

For solo, dates or small groups - Mini Studio
Good news for budding singers and artistes alike. Mini Studio offers a real studio-like atmosphere offering the experience to sing like a recording artist. It is also the perfect place for anybody who is looking for a quick karaoke fix or getaway entertainment with a starting price of just RM 10 for 30 minutes. Now, that is an idea for the next lunch break.

Additionally, it is fuss-free with contactless check-in at the kiosks available. Once arrived, consumers can head to the kiosks to book and pay before going to the designated room. The room capacity ranges from one pax in the Duet room to eight pax in the Choir room with 23 rooms in total.

On top of that, a Record & Share function is currently in the works. The real studio-like experience just got better because singers will soon be able to record themselves in the studio and save it for upcoming demos or even uploading to social media.

For the Brave Souls - GeTai
GeTai (歌台), which literally translates to “song stage” in Chinese is thought to have originated in Singapore in the 1940s. It became a popular form of entertainment over the years and have been modernized to continue its position in the entertainment world.

If you are looking for something challenging, GeTai is the way to go. GeTai is an open mic karaoke bar that can fit approximately 100 pax at a time, offering various seating settings from bar and dining tables, to couch areas. Get ready to be transported to an old-timey Shanghai movie because GeTai’s interior is an exquisite fusion of old oriental and technology with a red-carpet stage. Music lovers who prefer downtime can sit back and enjoy other people singing while experiencing the opulence of GeTai. 

Singers can use their in-house app to sing and be rewarded, or reward another person for their performance. When users receive a virtual gift, it will be converted into points, and they can use it to claim prizes like MacBooks, iPhones, Apple Watches, AirPods and many more.

How to Book

In making things more convenient, Mini Studio and Loud Speaker 2.0 will launch the first online karaoke reservation system to further enhance the booking experience. With no queue, introverted patrons can book their session anytime, anywhere, and dive right in when they arrive. 

For more information on A Quiet Place, go to

Address : GF-003, Ground Floor, Federal Arcade, No. 35, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 K.L
Booking enquiries / contact number: +6012 766 7161 (Loud Speaker 2.0) / +6012 706 7161 (GeTai)

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