Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ma Blog!

This October 2014 has been a huge month for me. I ran my first ever half marathon at the SCKLM and survived. I also managed to raise funds for Malaysian Nature Society in the process. I also learned the right way to use and fire a Glock gun. But perhaps the most significant moment for me would involve this blog. 

Because you see....

Two years ago after leaving my job as a writer, I set out on a mission to continue writing (simply because I enjoy writing) and two years later, over 200 posts, thousands of travel and food photos and a new job in a new field later, here I am still blogging as frequently as my schedule would allow me.

And to commemorate my blog's second year in existence, I've finally purchased an official domain address and also changed its overall name to be shorter, catchier and with a touch of my long term fixation with Japan. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Porki Society Boat Noodles, Seapark review

A new eatery has opened up in Seapark, Petaling Jaya and its name is an immediate hint to the kind of food offers. At The Porki Society, expect only pork dishes and of course, the main star of the restaurant, boat noodles. 

Boat noodles is a concept that originated from Thailand and an increasing number of boat noodles eateries around and about Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya has introduced many to the concept of eating many bowls of noodles in small servings. Jaya One has one Boat Noodle outlet there which serves only chicken or beef with its noodles. The Porki Society as its name indicates, serves only pork. Which is perfect fine for a pork lover like myself. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Philips Steamcleaner Active review

Meet Phil. Short for Philips Steamcleaner Active.

For about a month now, Phil has been the center of attention amongst us girls in the Wee household, mainly due to his potential to make the weekly chore of cleaning the floor easier for us. You see, Phil has many good qualities  and a few not-so-good ones. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Strangers at 47 cafe, Section 17 PJ review

I love Petaling Jaya. 

So many new cafes and makan joints have opened up all within vicinity of my house and each weekend, I am spoiled for choice over which new coffee and dessert joint to try. This week, that joint would be Strangers at 47, located in Section 17 along the same row as Kanna Curry House.

Cool cement walls and wooden furniture offered up a cosy feeling. I learnt that more wooden fixtures were added to be the interior two days after my trip there.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Surviving Comic Fiesta: Tips for All

Whether you are a first timer or a long time attendee of Comic Fiesta, each year is a whole new experience all together. For many all anime, manga and game fans around Malaysia, Comic Fiesta is the ultimate convention of the year. Comic Fiesta was even moved from previous smaller venues (Sunway Pyramid and Times Square) to the huge Kuala Lumpur Convention Center to accommodate the ever-growing crowd and has even become an event for outstationers and tourists to visit.

Last year saw an astonishing 39,8555 visitors for the two days event. That means a packed and crowded hall that looks something like this.

Now before you freak out and wet yourself, there are ways for you to make it an enjoyable experience whether you are a reasoned attendee or a newbie. Here are some tips to help you survive Comic Fiesta.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

SCKL 2014: My First Half Marathon

Remember my earlier post in May announcing my intentions to attempt my first ever half marathon? (You can click here to read it)  Well, on 12 October 2014, I did it. My first 21KM of pure road running.

It was surreal arriving at the start 4am in the morning to accompany my mom the marathoner and watching the full marathoners flag off at 430am. As I waited for my turn to flag off, I could hear the emcees announcing the ongoing positions for the full marathon.

"Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Morocco, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Ethiopia... this sounds like a rap song."

At some point, I found a bootcamp friend and we positioned ourselves near the start to avoid the backlog but as a result, nearly suffocated myself from accumulated BO.  By the time we started, I was relieved for the space and 'fresh' air.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Japan 2014: Portable Wifi Router Japan Wireless

For a very modern country, wifi sure comes sparingly in cafes and hotels around Japan. During my first trip to Japan in 2013, I got lost and couldn't find my bearing without wifi. So knowing how hectic our schedule was going to be, I opted to rent a portal wifi router from Japan Wireless.

Honestly it was all Cousin's hardwork because he did all the research being the tech geek that he is and so I left him in charge of it. And he suggested the Mobile Wifi Router LTE (75Mbps). For a 9 day rental, it was 5,650yen (RM170). That came up to about RM18 a day.

 The order was made online through the Japan Wireless website and paid through Paypal. A 500yen shipping fees was added on top of the total price as the company would ship it to our first accommodation in Japan upon arrival which for us was Yume Nomad in Kobe.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee, SS2 review

I never used to be a fan of Pan Mee. I never understood the appeal of a soggy, not-thin-nor-thick noodle with ikan bilis and minced pork or chicken. Until two years ago when my sister introduced me to Jojo Pan Mee in SS2 and to its Lat Jiu Pan Mee and century egg dumpling.

Only recently I stumbled upon a new Chilli Pan Mee hunt, also in SS2. Well, new to me as this place has been in business for a long time now. Super Kitchen Chilly Pan Mee is located in Chow Yang along the same row as the Original Kayu Nasi Kandar, SS2. Parking is easy to come by compared to the main SS2 area.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Australia 2014: Grande Florida Resort Apartment, Gold Coast

"Spacious unit with a balcony overlooking two swimming pools, one cool, one heated."

"A hideaway amidst lush tropical palm trees and greeneries that provides the illusion of privacy."

"A minute's walk to the pristine unspoiled Miami beach with a stunning view of Surfers Paradise and within walking distance of shops, a tennis court and a Coles supermarket."

These were the common reviews I kept reading online when researching the resort. A friend had secured resort vouchers for our trip at about 469AUD for a two bedroom apartment for 6D5N. We booked five units for our trip. When we split the cost of the apartments amongst our group of 22, it became a freaking steal.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Japan Kit Kat Flavours - That Yummy Weird Treat

Most of us enjoy a good bar of Kit Kat now and then. And even if it's not your utmost favourite chocolate wafer biscuit in the world, I am sure you would have at least heard of it or even snacked on it on one of those hungry days. But there is no other country out there than loves Kit Kat more than Japan.

The Japanese, the wonderful bunch of people that they are, has taken their love for Kit Kats to a whole new level simply because Kit Kat sounds close to Kitto Katsu, a term in Japanese that translates to 'surely win'. For a country where gift-giving was a customary ritual, presenting someone with the gift that wishes good luck is just ideal. Kit Kat is in fact the No. 1 brand confectionery brand in Japan.