Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mukha, TTDI review

I first heard about Mukha from my ex-boss who recommended their fried Mars Bars. That alone engraved the little cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in my mind for years to come. Ironically, only four years later, did I decide to visit Mukha for dinner.

I was in luck as around the time of my visit, they had just revamped the menu and had a few new entries. Mukha offers modern Turkish dishes, simple, delicious and fuss free.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bangkok 2014 - Street Food Hunting

Besides shopping for clothes and weird snacks, Bangkok is also known for awesome reasonable street food at every nook, canny and corner of its lively city. Once I decided to walk from MBK center to my hotel in Wireless road just so I could see what the streets had to offer. And it was a lot. I ended up eating so much that I was stuffed by the time I reached my hotel. I supposed I did burn off some of the calories I was consuming.

So on my previous trip in Dec 2014, I took to the streets and malls again and went food hunting with a checklist in hand. If you're ever in Bangkok in need of a quick fix of food, here are few quick bites to look out for. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Avengers 2 Advance TGV Cinemas Ticket sales starts NOW!

Hey Avengers fans! Have I got some awesome news for you!

The premiere movie screening for the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be on 23 April 2015, waaaay earlier than the US opening!

Here's the trailer again to remind you  how awesome the movie is.... 

Secondly and the best news yet for Marvels die-hard fans and TGV Movie Club members.....Tickets are already available for purchase on TGV Cinemas' site

Yup, you read right. This is not a hoax. I got it from the horse's mouth itself in fact and have already bought my tickets! Four tickets for the movie premiere in fact despite not knowing who my dates will be.

Make your bookings online now at this link: 
If you are a TGV Cinemas Movie Club member, you get to earn points while you are at it! That's basically getting rewarded for watching your favourite movie on the big screen.

So get booking at TGV Cinemas and secure your seats to the most anticipated movie of the year! See ya then!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blog Announcement: Technical Difficulties

So in case you aren't on my Facebook, something has happened to me that will unfortunately affect my blog this month. Anyway, here's the post for your reference.

No no, no relationship problem. Just some technical difficulty with my good old...'trusty' laptop. You see...several keys on the keyboard has decided to retire and of all those keys, one of them happens to be a very crucial key member (hahaha, Geddit Geddit?) 

I am talking about the freaking space bar key...the long button in the keyboard bad decided to fail me alongside b,n and ?, and left keys. It is infuriating! 

How can I type without space or ask a question without a question mark? Dammit, Dell! Why you do this to me?! 

So yeh, while I am trying to get my laptop fix (or replaced), I won't be able to blog so frequently (not that I have been this month, sorry about that) but I'll try to blog from my phone although photos won't be as many or as nice (or trademarked so don't steal!). 

So do bear with me until my keyboard/laptop issue has been resolved.

Alternatively, do follow me on Instagram for more updates! 

Ps: I just realise I can't type out Happy Chinese New Year on my laptop! It would turn out like this: HappyChieseewYear! 


Signing off from my iPhone. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mount Kinabalu and Mount Fuji - Wurrrrrt?

For me, this year seems to be a year of let's push your body and see how long before you end up killing yourself or succeed in reaching the top of not one but two mountains. Mount Kinabalu and Mount Fuji. My freaking Everest(s).

That's right. This year would the year I would finally climb Mount Kinabalu, that one mountain that 'all' Malaysians must conquer. My mum the marathoner has done it three times and each time she invited me along, it was always a resounding, "No way in hell. Over my dead body" response but not this time. This time, I am doing it on my own free will. My Airasia flights were booked early at cheap rates and I only need to pay off the remainder of the fees to the guide and we are good to go.
source: climbmtkinabalu

Provided I don't injure myself, fall sick or chicken out at the last minute. Training has taken off and by training, I mean weekly hikes around Gasing Hill at a slow and fun pace with the fun peeps I am hiking Mount Kinabalu with. Unlimited sessions of bootcamp should help too right?

Then two months after Mount Kinabalu, it's off to Japan for me (again) and this time, I'll be going to Tokyo for the first time ever. So I thought to myself, what can I do in Japan that is out of this world. Robot restaurants come to mind but then I thought, why not visit Mount Fuji. And by visit, I mean hike up.
source: msnbcmedia.msn
A live volcano! Can't get anymore extreme than that. While the terrain is not as....scary as Mount Kinabalu, Fujisan is still a force not to be underestimated with Alpen-like atmospheres and if it were to rain...I am screwed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Haagen Dazs launches New Menu

Sweet tooth foodies ahoy!

When Haagen-Dazs announces its revamped menu, one can't help but be curious and quite frankly, hunger for some sweet sweet cooling ice-cream. It's Chinese New Year here in Malaysia and this means that never-fail heat wave and sunny days for the next couple of weeks. In other words, the perfect ice-cream eating season (other than it also being Valentine's Day time). Whether you are in a big group, in pairs or triplets or just....forever alone, there's something at Haagen-Dazs for everyone in their new menu.

For that Reunion Session

Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, how about sharing and dipping into a pot of hot Haagen-Dazs fondue (RM68) with a spread of mini ice-cream scopes, fruits, cookies and cakes. You can pick from either milk chocolate or dark chocolate for your fondue. The portion is just nice to share amongst four to five people, making for a nice excuse to drag your friends out for a reunion session.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

PricePanda Photography Gadget Picks for CNY 2015

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and with it, the season of prosperity and reunions. What better way to capture memories from your family reunion and gatherings with your loved ones than with the most popular photography gadgets as searched on Malaysia’s leading online shopping comparison platform, PricePanda Malaysia ( by online shoppers.

You can select from a wide variety of photography equipment, gadgets and accessories using PricePanda Malaysia to do the homework for you when it comes to researching the latest products, not just in tech but also in a variety of categories ranging from health and beauty to home appliances.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Food Galore @ Jaya One SunDay Out

Warning: The following post might will induce hunger. Please be advised. 

Food truck hunt have become a sort of a thing amongst foodies but hunting down the latest must try truck in the (night) market can be exhausting unless one is diligently monitoring their whereabouts. Fret not because now you get the yummiest food trucks in one location. In case you didn't know, Jaya One has been organising a 'Sun Day Out' every (you guessed it!) Sunday from 10am to 4pm since August 2014 and this means many many many options of food and drinks for the grumbling tummies!

Thanks to an invitation from Sharon of Jaya One, I get to feast my eyes and tastebuds on the aforementioned many many many options of food and drinks from these food trucks – OMFJ!, SpagMe, Wheeloaf, Big Hug Burger, Qgastrotruck, dr. Mak Rony Grilled Burger, Crazy Potato, Little Fat Duck and Cowboys Food Truck.

Bangkok 2014 - Jim Thompson's House

If there was one thing you should not do when visiting the Jim Thompson's house in Bangkok, it would be to say you are Malaysian. Simply because the famous Jim Thompson, the darling of Bangkok went missing in Malaysia's Cameron Highlands over 45 years ago and hasn't been found since.

But the house itself, located in the heart of Bangkok city was an architecture inspiration and well worth a visit at only 100baht (RM10). The entrance fee covers a guided tour of the house by a knowledgeable guide. The tour can also be conducted in various languages to cater to the growing tourist numbers visiting the attraction. While I was there, Koreans and Japaneses seemed to be in abundance.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Why 1600 Pandas

Did you know...that as of 2004, there are only 1600 pandas alive in the wild?

What the fark so morbid! 

I also just learnt from WWF Malaysia that Malaysia only has less than 300 tigers in the wild. What the hell, Malaysia?! Get your shit together and protect our national icon! Stop deforestation or I'll deforest the shit out of your homes, your government and development cronies!