Saturday, March 7, 2015

Enorme restaurant, Section 13 PJ review

A friend just opened up an Italian eatery at the new PJ Centrestage, Section 13,  a stone's throwaway from my house and office and mostly importantly, also serves upon oven-baked thin crust pizza. I just love thin crust pizza especially when topped with a lot of meat! But I'll get more into detail on that later.

The restaurant is called Enorme, Italian for enourmous and I'll show you why the name befits the place. Because of this!

Carbonara (bianco) is the name of this behemoth of a pizza, all 21 inches of it. Its crunchy thin crust is topped with a LOT of meat aka bacon, two runny egg yolks to break and spread, mushroom and cheese making a divine meal for Gods! Or rather, 5 very famish bootcampers.
Between the five of us, we managed to finish the pizza plus three other equally delicious dishes that are worth ordering at Enorme.

I am always on the lookout for good risotto with truffle oil. Prior to my visit to Enorme, my go to place was Alexis Bistro but it would very well change as Enorme serves up an awesome Risotto Al Funghi. Wonderfully blended with three different mushroom types, a dash of truffle oil gave this dish a lingering magical taste that would thrill risotto fans (Rachel Mooi Koon Rho, I am looking at you).
Don't let the glistening colour put you off as it is actually the magic ingredient behind this chef recommended dish, the Nero di Seppia. This dish is cooked with white wine which only serves to enhance the flavourings of squid ink mixed with garlic and actual fresh squid rings.
Their portabello mushroom dish came highly recommended, not by the chef but rather a friend and fellow customers. It was huge, almost like a busty chicken breast and we could easily share it along with its chicken strips and onion rings.
What is an Italian dinner without dessert? I had my eye on the deconstructed tiramisu as soon as I spotted it and quite shameless (I admit) ordered it when my friend/restaurant owner asked me if I wanted more. It is served in four separate drops of mascarpone, cream, marsala wine, sponge finger, coffee jelly and coffee sauce. Totes love this version although more alcohol wouldn't hurt. #Justsaying

Enorme has tons of other dishes as well to suit just about every Italian cuisine and pork lover's tastebuds. Best part is, their pizzas has servings suited for the #foreveralone eater or huge groups of people. 

And this is the mastermind behind the delicious dishes that graced our tastebuds that night.

To end the night, we of course had to congratulate Jun Ken (left, front) for the opening of his new restaurant with a group photo.

We'll be back with our own Enorme group of bootcampers! 

Enorme Italian Restaurant
Address: Ground Floor, PJ Centrestage, Jalan 13/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours: Open 10am-12am daily


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Anonymous said...

Not what it used to be. Owners need to step up and invest in the place. Everything on the decline.