Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Menya Shi Shi Do, Jaya One review

A new ramen place has opened just 10 minutes from my house and I can not be any happier because I do so love my ramen!

Named Menya Shi Shi Do, this little Japanese-inspired ramen joint reminds me of the ramen stalls in the back alleys of Osaka. Keeping true to its Japan-inspired roots, the restaurant is small and dim, offering small tables and bar seating arrangements with brick walls adding to its cooling ambiance. Seats are limited but the service and food is fast, making this the ideal place for a quick hearty meal.

Their bestsellers are highlighted on a board outside the restaurant and as always, it is always best to go with the original pork soup when in doubt. We also ordered the black garlic pork soup ramen, something that reminded me of what Gaku Raku Ramen had as well. Green tea was only RM2 a cup and refillable.

I should also mentioned that the ramen here are also aptly named after the colours of its soup in Japanese such as Shiro (white) for the original soup, Kuro (black) for the black garlic soup and Midori (green) for its basil soup ramen. Those who like something spicier can try the Aka or Ki, spicy and curry based treats respectively. Rice dishes are also options although not widely shouted about.

Our food came fast but this in no way compromised or affected the taste of the pipping hot pork broth. The original pork soup was light yet rich with delicious porky flavour with an aromatic smell that had us salivating. Even after a whole bowl, we didn't feel overwhelmed or nauseated with the oiliness. This was probably the result of a 20-hour boiled soup.

The black garlic soup was stronger in terms of smell and taste but was just as good. The noodles were perfectly al dente with a delicious chewiness that goes hand-in-hand with the pungent taste of the garlic soup. The lava egg came as a lava egg should, with a soft melty yolk that blended well with the soup.  The pork shoulder slice was a tad too chewy but nevertheless still flavourful. I prefer my meat with a bit of fat that just melts but that's just my own personal preference.

Prices at Menya Shi Shi Do are also slightly cheaper than the average ramen joint in Malaysia so expect the noodle portions to be less (but only slightly). Diners basically pay less for less toppings but to me, what is a ramen without the lava egg and slices of pork? If the noodles aren't enough, you can also opt to add more at a price of course. Condiments such as fried garlic and chili flakes can be added for more oomph.

What I find about this ramen place, it's the soup that really makes a difference and I would gladly come back for more ramen at Menya Shi Shi Do.

Menya Shi Shi Do
Address: Lot 100. P2.039, The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Instagram: @menyashishido
Hours: 11am - 10pm

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