Monday, June 1, 2015

Tossed at Jaya review

Hidden on the 4th floor of Jaya Shopping Center is Tossed, a little cafe that serves up a mean combination of pasta and local dishes as well as awesome salad, dessert and coffee. The menu was simple enough with a nice mix of the usual pasta, local, salad and dessert dishes.

The drinks were made fresh with coffee brewed upon order. Their Mocha was categorised under chocolate rather than coffee and upon sipping on it, it quickly became evident to me why. For once, I've stumbled upon a mocha with more emphasis on the chocolate rather than the coffee. It actually balanced out quite nicely with a chocolate sweetness to start and the bitter tones of coffee to finish.

The latte seemed to be a popular drink at Tossed with almost every table having ordered one.

Truffled fries was spotted on the menu and we could not resist this healthier version of a sinful snack. It came in a mock version of the fryer basket and peppered with cheese atop. It wasn't oily at all with a lovely aftertaste of truffle saturated into the fries. The accompanying dips of garlic sauce and chili sauce only served to enhance its richness even more. Wow, I never thought I could describe fries in such a manner but there ya go.

Moving on to their mains, we ordered the Basil Pesto with fusili pasta and the Salmone with fettuccine pasta with recommendations from the server. Nice fella by the way, real attentive and polite.

The Basil Pesto was served with chicken fillet in a rich creamy pesto sauce - the true star of the dish. The fusili pasta was a good mix with sauce as it allowed the pesto to wrap nicely around the pasta, allowing flavour in every bite. On top of that, the chicken soaked up the basil pesto sauce well and the added pine nuts atop it gave the dish a nice crunch without hindering the taste.

The Salmone pasta was a tad heavy than the Basil Pesto but no less good. Its tomato base fused well with the fresh salmon chunks. With the al dente fettuccine pasta, it was a smooth delicious finish right to the last drop of sauce. Needless to say we practically licked clean both pasta dishes.

To allow our stomachs a break from the pasta’s richness, the Tossed Signature Fruit Salad was ordered. Served atop a bed of fresh lettuce leaves, the fruits consisted of watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and oranges. It was a refreshing combination of sweet and sour flavours that were further enhanced with the dressing of homemade vinaigrette. 

Of course, never one to say no to finishing off a meal without dessert, we then opted for the Salted Caramel brownie and the Royale Pudding. The Brownie was served hot with homemade vanilla ice-cream and sliced strawberries  and topped with caramel drizzle. While we would have liked it crunchier, we could find no other fault with this decadent dessert as the salted caramel jelled nicely with the sweet vanilla bean ice-cream and the sourish strawberry.

The Royale Pudding too was a delicious treat with real vanilla beans used as the pudding body. It was topped with raspberry coulis and layered with toffee as the base for a sinful finish to this delightful dining experience at Tossed.

With an open cafe concept, swinging chairs and a lawn garden with beanie bags, Tossed offered a lovely hideaway spot in Jaya Shopping Center to retreat to over the weekends.

Tossed at Jaya
Address: Level 4, Jaya Shopping Centre
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
Phone: 03-79318994
Facebook: Tossed at Jaya
Instagram: Tossed at Jaya


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