Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Food review: Macaroni food and coffee

My friend, Brigitte told me about this place or rather she wooed me with images of its adorable overhead light fixtures designed to look like olden day canned food and of course, its tantalising looking food. It was located in Taman Desa, just off the highway heading to Cheras and driving there pre-Merdeka day, the roads were empty. 

Parking was FOC on the weekend and it wasn't hard to locate the cafe as it was at the entrance of Faber Towers. Its huge Macaroni sign inside the cafe was an instant eye-catching if the lightings weren't already. 

Everything about it screamed vintage with its lighting to the old gas pump inside to the cute scooter at the entrance. Its walls were adorned with vintage superhero posters and quickly quotes and a collection of toy cars lined the window frames in its own casing.

As I arrived early, I opted for a cup of hot mocha. It was okay with the chocolate standing out more than the coffee. Too much cocoa perhaps? When Brigitte came at last, we were sorely tempted to order everything on the menu but in the end settled for their trio pasta and a bowl of wild mushroom soup. Desserts were ordered later. 

The Trio pasta was sort of like a sampler of three pasta dishes consisting of fettuccine mushroom Alfredo, spaghetti prawn aglio olio and macaroni with cream pesto sauce. Don't be fooled by its serving size because this dish was rather rich and can be shared. The Alfredo and pesto sauce were the richest and it is recommended to take them in small dosages but Brigitte and I quickly agreed that the aglio olio was by far the best of the trio. 

Despite the serving size, it had four fresh, crunchy and succulent prawns and the spaghetti was generously soaked in olive oil. Perhaps a little too generous as we would see it separating but other than that, we believe this would be the pasta to order the next time we visited. 

The wild mushroom soup came in a huge and was again big enough to share. Maybe ordering it alongside the pasta wasn't such a good idea but somehow I managed to lap it clean. It could do with more chunks of mushroom though for some texture. 

Next up: dessert. Brigitte recommended the classical tiramisu so we ordered it. I wanted the Creme brûlée so we ordered it as well. The tiramisu came in a mason jar and instantly I could see how creamy it was with 70% of it filled with fresh whipped cream. It wasn't too bad but lacked the espresso kick. It also didn't come with alcohol. 

The creme rulee came topped with blueberry, an odd combination. The burnt sugar layer was a tad too soft and lack the sugary bite that creme brulees should have. The custard was bland at least to me although Brigitte didn't mind it. I preferred my creme with vanilla beans in it. 

Macaroni Food and Coffee offered up a few hits and misses for me but I am willing to give its mains another chance. After all, its wide menu had a lots more to offer. 

Service was prompt with ever helpful and attentive servers around and about and even on a weekend, it didn't get too busy and the noise level never got unbearable on my visit.

Macaroni Food And Coffee Cafe
Address: Lot G10, Faber Tower (Taman Desa),
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: 10am - 10pm, daily.
Tel: 03-7983 3488


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Linda Hogan said...

Nice post to reading. Now, i would love to enjoyed a warm and sweetish coffee cup.
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