Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Right Running Shoes: Function over Fashion always

Ladies, we are a species that is definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to clothes. Even when it comes to sports attires and shoes, we often find that our main crisis is the colour and design of the shoes. Because we want to look fashionable. 

There's nothing wrong with that but did you know that the way you walk or run is also affected by your sports shoes and vice versa? So it doesn't matter if you're a hardcore runner or just want to get a good sweat in, selecting the right running shoes can take your miles in your workout but at the same time, can also be quite a challenge to find. Zalora Malaysia has put together a few tips to picking out the right kind of shoes for you.

Number 1 
First and foremost, look past the brands and fancy logos. Not all brands or models can fit your comfort and running needs no matter how pretty or spunky the designs are. The tip is to find out what the size and shape of your feet. Some people have arches under their feet and some have a tendency to hit the ground toes first or heels first. All of these play a factor in finding the right shoe type for you to ensure your utter most comfort and performance. Forgo the brands of the running shoes for women and look at the functionality of it.

Number 2 
Tip number duo is to find the shoes which fits well with your weight. You must be clueless on how your weight can affect the type of running shoes you choose. For example, if you are heavier, find a sports shoe which provides more stability to smooth out impact when running. However, leaner individuals should avoid bulky design shoes as you do not want to run with stress carrying heavy shoes during your work out.

Number 3 
Other than that, you should consider how often you run and on what kind of trail such as is it for a marathon on the road or for a trail run. If you are training for a marathon, lightweight shoes will be the wrong fit. Find a pair of shoes with more substance to ease the impact from high mileage and also with minimal grip in the soles to reduce friction. You will definite feel comfortable running in a long distance with the right shoes. Meanwhile, those who are looking at trail running or hiking should look at shoes that have a good sole grip and provides enough protection and support about the ankles.

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