Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Training for Mount Kinabalu

Okay, so when I say training for Mount Kinabalu, it isn't really so much of training but rather just waiting for the date of the hike to come.

I was supposed to climb up Mount Kinabalu last year on top of also climbing Mount Fuji but as luck would have it, white people decided to get naked atop the mountain and an earthquake happened, stranding about a 100 hikers atop the summit that day and taking the lives of a great many others. It was....shocking seeing as my hike was to happen three weeks after that.

The routes were deemed unsafe and the trip was postponed to the following year (this year). To make it more special and memorable, I decided I will attempt my hike on the anniversary of that fateful weekend and made arrangements for 3-6 June 2016 and will be climbing to the peak on the 5th of June to commemorate the anniversary of the earthquake.

Well, since I mentioned training, here's how I've been training for the climb. 5-6 sessions of bootcamp with Original Bootcamp a week and Sunday hikes at Gasing Hill.

How's that for training? Sufficient? Insufficient?