Friday, January 4, 2019

Penang "Star" Coffee, Lebuh Noordin, Georgetown

Move aside Starbucks because Penang has officially one of the best coffee with a star on it. A lot of media channels and bloggers have raved about the signature star coffee in Lebuh Noordin, Georgetown (right across Cititel Express Hotel) and I was curious to try it out.

The coffee stall's operating hours are from 8:45am onwards so don't bother coming any earlier or you will have to deal with the grumpy husband of the stall owner. No doubt pissed off by tourists coming too early. By the way, they now have a coffee shop right at that corner to allow for more seating space where you can enjoy toast, eggs and laksa as well.

But really, the true star is the coffee. Signed, sealed with an actual star on it. This stall has been in operations for over 30 years with the current owner,Everling Ang learning the skills from her father. The coffee is made from a special secret blend of traditional local coffee powder made by the owner herself in order to achieve that rich roasted flavour that makes her drinks so popular.

There are no fancy coffee machine or imported coffee powder, just hands-on skills. Coffee is sieved and milk is hand shaken to obtain the froth with the signature star latte art. As each drinks are made individually, understandably the queue does built up after 9:30am. I've heard stories of people waiting up to an hour so come early.

Her menu is pretty basic with her coffee and milo being the popular choices. She also has fusion drinks such as kopi lo (coffee + milo), kopi teh (coffee + tea) and even kopi teh lo (coffee + tea + milo). Prices range from 1.20 to RM6.50. I would recommend ordering both hot and iced coffee. The hot coffee is so delicious and rich with a distinct taste of roast in the aftertaste. Meanwhile the iced coffee is surprisingly smooth and refreshing with a mellowed down roasted palate.

I loved it so much I went back two mornings in a row during my trip to Penang recently and did a takeaway for the drive back to KL. I would advice bringing along a big flask to store the drink for the long drive back as the takeaway portion, priced at RM2.50, is easily double the portion. To reiterate, Lebuh Noordin Star Coffee, Penang opens at 8:45am to 5pm (or until finished) and is located near Cititel Express Hotel. She closes only on Thursday.

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