Monday, January 21, 2019

Starbucks Teavana Kicks off New Cold Foam range just in time for the CNY Heat!

The famous CNY heat is approaching fast and with it, a need to constant quench our thirst. Which is why Starbucks Teavana could not have picked a more opportune time to introduce their new range of Teavana Tea Beverages. Thanks to Starbucks Malaysia, I got a sneak peek and taste of their latest range and all I can say is...I love love love love it.

This range is definitely a wide step above from last year's collection with the new Teavana Chestnut Black Tea Latte being my immediate favourite. The black tea is fragrant and the chestnut syrup blends nicely with it, adding a roasted earthy flavour to the overall drink. On top of that, chestnut and strawberry bits are peppered across the surface for an added crunch. For those in need of their usual coffee kick, a shot of espresso can be added to this drink. The Teavana Chestnut Black Tea Latte comes in hot and iced.

The second new drink is the Teavana Mango Passionfruit Cold Foam Iced Shaken Black Tea. Think chilling black tea with mango and passionfruit juice-infused Cold Foam on a hot day. Perfection. And finally, a must try for both coffee and matcha lovers - the Matcha Cold Foam Americano. My second favourite of the trio that takes the classic iced Americano topped with an infusion of matcha cold foam.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Starbucks is bringing back the ever popular Signature Heart collection adorned with a pastel purple theme, hearts and arrows. From cards,  tumbler charm, water bottles to festive tumblers, it is must get for Starbucks fans. Of course, for the peckish, there is also the Signature Heart food collection with Love Me and Joyful doughnuts and the Hearts of Luv Cupcake on display.

Already in stores, is Starbucks' returning favourite, Chicken Lasagna with a tweaked recipe to make the pasta creamier with every bite. There is also the citron eclair and orange muffin with cranberry and cream cheese to those who want something zangy. The chicken and cabbage foldover and tandoori chicken flatbread sandwich is must try for bread lovers.

For those who prefer to brew their own coffee at home, Starbucks has the all new Peru Amazanas Huambo which offers a high acidity with a light body and notes of Morello cherry and toffee. For the returning favourites, there is the Sun-Dried, Uganda Sipi Fails and the Tanzania Muriba. For CNy and Valentine's Day, hardcore fans can look forward to the South of the Clouds blend and Guatemala Casi Cielo Single Origin blend respectively with elegant packagings to hit the right mood.

The new Teavana drink range is available from RM14 onwards starting from 22 January 2019 nationwide. As for the Signature Heart merchandise and cards are available from 1 February 2019 onwards. The Starbucks Reserve Coffee Blends are priced at RM65 onwards at selected outlets. For more information, check out

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