Monday, May 31, 2021

Auntie, Uncle, Poh poh, Gung Gung can now Grab to your vaccine appointment!

In such a time when we are all trying to do our parts to beat this pandemic, we need to be proactive in helping our fellow Malaysians, the senior citizens even more so. Already at risk, they are the ones often left behind in the stream of information about the pandemic, bombarded by false information and left perplexed by technology. Time and time again, we have learnt of how senior citizens have missed their vaccine appointments for various reasons. Not knowing how to check MySejahtera, forgetting the appointments, not having any means of getting to the vaccination centres...

It's up to us, the tech savvy ones to help our grandma, grandpa, uncle and aunties to help them.  Apart from actually checking their appointment and driving them there, we can also equip them with the means of helping themselves. After all, older people can be incredibly stubborn in asking for help and being a burden. Sometimes empowerment is the best way to go. 

Taking a step in that direction, Grab Malaysia has announced its support to help senior citizens travel to and from authorised vaccination centres nationwide. Citizens who are aged 60 and above and are Grab users will receive Grab rides promos of up to RM8 off 4 rides to book their rides easily on the Grab app to any of the vaccination centres starting from 12 June. 

Grab’s vaccination programme for senior citizens is developed to provide easy access to rides through the Grab app and covers both doses of their vaccinations. Grab will be working closely with the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) and COVID-19 Immunisation Special Task Force (CITF) to ensure that all points of interest at vaccination centres are available on the Grab app. 

For those who have received their COVID-19 vaccination appointment, they can book a Grab ride in few easy steps:

1. Register for a Grab account and verify your age on GrabPay by 7 June 2021 (users will need to complete their KYC registration);
2. On the appointment day, book a Grab ride (open to all ride types) by entering the vaccination centres location; 
3. Copy and paste the promo code from your inbox into the “offer” tab; 
4. Promo will also be applicable for all payment methods; 
5 Upon completing their vaccination, users can then book a Grab ride from the vaccination centre to their homes. 

Do note that senior citizens will need to register for a Grab account and verify their age on GrabPay by 7 June 2021 in order to receive the promo codes (which will be sent to their Grab inbox on 12 June). We encourage you to help spread the word to family and friends to ensure senior citizens have completed their KYC registration to receive this one time promo. 

So share this with your mother, father, uncle, auntie, gung gung, Poh Poh and every senior citizen you know. In fact, take the time to help them with the setup and teach them how to book a Grab so that when the time comes, they can be independent enough to make their way to the vaccination centre. 

Together we can overcome this pandemic.

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